Harem of the Dog

The stuffed animal situation continues to evolve around our house.  Stella earned enough good behavior stickers to visit the treat bin on Friday.  I just knew she was going to pick one of the Mater books I had recently tossed in there.  Nope.  She chose one of the animals that had been languishing in there for months.

I should explain.  About 3 months ago, McDonald’s had these Ty mini things in their Happy Meals.  Stella fell in love with one of these things – a tiny pink stuffed unicorn thing with huge purple eyes.  She named it Magic.  For about 4 days, Magic had to join the bedtime team.  I lived in constant terror that Magic would disappear.  I mean, it’s tiny.  A couple of times Magic slipped between the mattress and the wall and there was some pretty hefty drama.  So when I saw a larger version of Magic at B&N one day, I snapped it up.  If we lost Magic, I could spin some magical tale about how Magic got into some growth hormone and **POOF!** grew bigger and oh-so-much-fluffier.  It was genius.  Well, Magic fell out of favor so I threw Baby Huey Magic into the treat bucket where it remained for quite some time.  As for Magic, I hadn’t seen her in weeks.  I figured she truly had been lost.

When Stella chose Baby Huey Magic on Friday night, she somehow located Magic.  I have no clue where that thing had been.  Then came time for the naming ceremony.  First, the gender.  It’s a girl!  Great.  Now what’s her name?  Remember, we’ve been on a massive cuisine-based theme.  I was waiting for a Pizza or Sausage.  Instead we got “Andy.”  For a pink female unicorn.

Meet Baby Huey Magic....er, Andy

Meet Baby Huey Magic….er, Andy

Stella holding Andy.  Felix holding his beloved monster truck

Stella holding Andy. Felix holding his beloved monster truck

In the meantime, Pete the Cat (after being dragged absolutely everywhere for a week, including school), Noodles, Macaroni, and Mushroom have been relegated to the Stuffed Animal Harem.  They sit with all the other 2nd and 3rd tier animals, waiting to be selected for the bed.

Pick me!  Pick me!

Pick me! Pick me!

Kind of sad.

Maybe Felix will have more animal loyalty than his sister

Maybe Felix will have more animal loyalty than his sister


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4 Responses to Harem of the Dog

  1. The unicorn and monster truck combo photo basically describes my kids as well.

  2. That is adorable. And good for you for keeping a watchful eye on the lesser animals

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