Germ Limits

I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly logical, pragmatic person.  I dislike reacting emotionally to pretty much anything and everything.  I think that’s part of why being pregnant was such a drag; those hormones do a number on you, rendering logic useless.  In line with that, I think I’m pretty realistic about environmental dangers.

Hang with me here.  I’m not about to lecture about pollution.

What I mean is this:  I understand that in absolutely everything there is potential danger.  Water is awesome.  Water can also kill you.  Some studies say potatoes are great to eat, especially the skin.  Some studies say the skin is what holds onto toxins and other chemicals used in the growing process DAMN THOSE GMOS!!!  (Sorry.  Eyes rolling.)  I vaccinate my kids.  I sometimes “let” my kids eat food off the floor at home; they’re going to do it anyway, and sometimes I just decide it’s not worth vaulting over the couch to snatch that goldfish cracker out of someone’s hand.  Staph germs are everywhere, and not all of it is resistant to antibiotics.  Some nights teeth don’t get brushed.  And it’s all usually ok.

You can tell I have more than one child, can’t you?

All that being said, recently I surprised myself at being a total and complete neurotic nut-job.  I’m really kind of ashamed about this.

Oui Oui recently helped host a priest from Liberia.  You know, where the Ebola is.  Oui Oui also was supposed to watch Felix for me for an afternoon, so I could clean up my house in preparation for company.

Felix.  Oui Oui.  Liberia.  Ebola.

Hold. The. Phone.

I had one of those mommy moments where suddenly I’m envisioning my precious little boy with a hemorrhagic fever.  And then my daughter will get it, because those two swap more spit via sippie cup than any 2 high school sweethearts on a Saturday night.  And depending on what source you read, the mortality rate is up to 90% and sure they’re testing a vaccine, but my kids will be so sick that there will be no time and….

I turned into a raving lunatic.

I guess motherhood is another great equalizer in the battle for logic and reason.  And you know what got him that very same day?  A stupid ear infection.


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