Pieces of Late

Since I rarely feel like I have a life outside of little children, work, dishes, dinners, and snot-prints on my black capri pants, I’ve taken to stalking following many celebrities on Instagram.  It’s not probably who you’d expect.  There are more than a few celebrity chefs, a small handful of actors from Game of Thrones (I can always hope for a teaser pic for the upcoming season), an author/illustrator, Dave Navarro, and….the weirdest of all, Dita Von Teese.  I can’t even remember how/why that one happened.  Maybe because she was on Project Runway recently?  Who knows?

Anyway, I don’t ever really pay close attention to what these people post.  I’m not that pathetic, after all.  But I kept seeing a massive increase in posts from Miss D recently so I actually read some comments.  Turns out, she’s launched her own lingerie line.  No big surprise there.  What is surprising is that one of her retailers is Destination Maternity: she’s made freaking sexy-ass nursing/maternity bras.

Where the hell was this shit 4 years ago?  I’ve been running around in these awful, ugly-yet-utilitarian things for years, feeling about as unsexy as a spayed hippo when I could have been wearing (at least) some saucy little brassiere under my milk-stained tank tops.

This.  This is what I could've been wearing (From Destination Maternity website)

This. This is what I could’ve been wearing (From Destination Maternity website)

Not cool, Dita.  Not cool at all.  You’re several years late!


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3 Responses to Pieces of Late

  1. I follow her on Instagram, too. I also wore lame bras during that time period of nursing. Dita, where were you!?

    Hope this isn’t a creepy question, but can I follow you on Instagram?

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