Twice Bitten, Once Shy

Felix has settled in really well at preschool. He only goes three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  As with any kid going to preschool for the first time, there were some initial bumps in the road. Notably, String Bean wouldn’t eat or lay down for naps easily.  I’m pleased to say the napping thing has sorted itself out. I’ve asked his teacher and aide to come to my house to put him down at night.  They won’t do it.   Anyway, in all other aspects he seems to fit right in. He rarely cries when I leave him and it seems as if he really likes his teachers.

Having two kids in the same school, I’m pretty familiar with the way things work there now. There are two types of reports that you might get in your child’s cubby: behavior reports and ouch reports.  You definitely never want to see behavior reports. Those are the ones you get when your kid really shows his or her butt during school.   I’m pleased to say that we don’t get those very often anymore, and usually when we do, there are some aggravating circumstances involved – like the beginnings of a virus, a slew of new students, or something else out of the ordinary.

Ouch reports are exactly what you would think; you receive those whenever your child sustain some sort of injury or bobo at school. Granted, the school will call you if it’s anything involving the kid’s head or for something like fever or vomiting, but unlike the Stepford Academy our current school will only call if it’s absolutely necessary (i.e. diaper rash isn’t considered an emergency).  For the more run-of-the-mill scrapes, bumps, or other miscellaneous damage resulting from a kid’s general clumsiness or over-exuberance, they will write it up in an ouch report.  Stella has had a couple of those over the last year, but given her general size and toughness, she’s fared pretty well in that category.  My son may be another story.

The past two days he’s gone to school, my poor little dude has had an ouch report in his cubby.  It seems that some kid or kids enjoys biting him.  It’s not a huge deal. The biter or biters have not penetrated the skin. There have just been a few little bruises here and there.  My son just must be super tasty. I always knew he was sweet.

Why are you looking at me like that?  Why is your mouth watering?

Why are you looking at me like that? Why is your mouth watering?

It’s gotten me thinking though: if that nasty neem oil won’t work for weaning purposes, maybe I can put it on my son’s arms as some sort of toddler vampire repellant.


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2 Responses to Twice Bitten, Once Shy

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    That just might be genius! Let me know if it works! When my son was biting classmates, I seriously considered covering his buddies in that ‘no bite’ nail polish. Too bad it doesn’t come in a bigger bottle…

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