Wean, Lose, or Draw

Recently our city’s zoo did a “Brew at the Zoo” event – a beer tasting held after hours.  It was a phenomenal success and sold out fairly quickly.  As I cannot stand beer, Will went with his father.  And since you can imagine that cops might just think that some impaired drivers might emerge (and rightly so), Oui Oui decided she’d be their designated driver.  To save some travel time, she came and hung out with me and the kids for a few hours after dropping the men off.

Both kids were a bit excited and thrown off with the change in the normal routine.  Felix, in particular, seemed like he was on crack.  I tried to nurse him and get him to bed while Oui Oui  ferried our husbands to the event, but that kid wasn’t about to succumb.  It didn’t matter how obviously tired the dude was.  He was not going to go to bed, damn it.

Finally, roughly an hour and a half later than usual, he decided he was tired.  Oui Oui ended up rocking him to sleep.  You know how it’s sometimes kind of hard to see something because you’re in it?  Well, 99% of the time I’m the one holding my son.  I rarely see anyone else with him.  Watching the two of them rocking, it smacked me upside my own head just how big, old, and long my son is getting.  He doesn’t seem that way to me when I hold him.  But he looked almost half as long as Oui Oui.

I always see my boy and see that giant candy-apple baby head and see a baby, you know?

I always see my boy and see that giant candy-apple baby head and see a baby, you know?

It occurred to me then that that’s most likely how Will sees him.  We still have angst about Felix’s unwillingness to wean (and all these damn ear infections and such don’t help).  Will always seems freaked out about how old and big he is – that he’s too big to still be nursing.  I always counter that Felix is still a little bitty dude and not even 2 years old yet; while inconvenient, nursing is not out of this world weird and creepy, you know?  But based on that perception – of seeing someone else cradle my little boy – I can understand a bit why Will might seem so freaked out about it.

Speaking of growing up, Stella is practicing having a full-sleeve.

Speaking of growing up, Stella is practicing having a full-sleeve.

We’ve started negotiations with Oui Oui to try to farm the dude out for a night or two.  That seems to be our best option at this point, other than to all go quite crazy with loads of crying and screaming.  If only we could get him healthy!!


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