Eat, Drink, and Be Varied

As you’d guess, this is just a random bit of stuff that’s happened lately.

  1. I’m an aunt!! My kid brother and his wife just had a baby girl.  I’m so excited and happy for them I could burst.  Now if only I could see the little girl….  We live so far from each other, they’ve never even met Felix.

    Matching eyes.  Makes me happy.

    Matching eyes. Makes me happy.

  2. My hatred of balloons continues. On Monday evening, we had a 4 hour power outage.  Why?  Some asshat decided that letting go a bunch of Mylar balloons was cool. What happened?  They collided with the junction box (or whatever this thing is in the picture) on the pole in my backyard and au revoir juice.  For 4 freaking hours.  Worst of all, it collided with bedtime.  I nearly had Felix to sleep when it hit, causing Stella to whine and yell.  This in turn woke the boy.  See?  I told you these damn things were trouble.  This also totally absolves me for any residual guilt I might have had for stabbing the Lightning McQueen and Mater balloons on our way out the door to go to the beach.  They clearly had it coming.  There would have been trouble had they been left unattended in the house for a week.

    My hatred for balloons grows strong.

    My hatred for balloons grows strong.

  3. I know this time of year everyone wants pumpkin everything. You know who I’m talking about, you Starbucks sluts.  I have found a pumpkin-flavored abomination: yogurt.   DON’T DO IT.  It tastes like fermented pumpkin pie.  I took one to work for lunch and about gagged.  To make matters worse, when I chucked it in my wastebasket, it hit the bottom and erupted like a sour, milky volcano.  It slung yogurt about 3 ½ feet up, where it hosed my cube wall, the carpet, and my Ramones poster (shakes fist).  This is clearly an evil product.

    This is fucking disgusting.  Don't buy it.

    This is fucking disgusting. Don’t buy it.



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