Income Taxi

I had a glimpse of my future last night.  In my mind’s eye, I was thrust into a future where one of my main purposes in life is that of a child conveyance – to school, to karate, to swimming, to dahnce.

Yes, we had our first dahnce lesson last night.  Our girl loved it, of course.  I’m not going to say she’s Ginger Rogers.  She’s not very good at all, at least not yet.  Of course she did swell when she actually paid attention and watched/listened to the instructor.  Mainly, however, last night – to Stella – was about looking like a beautiful ballerina.



Dahncing at home

Dahncing at home

It started rough, as we are having this ridiculous cold spell right now.  (Those of you up north will scoff, but we actually hit freezing last night and yesterday’s temp didn’t clear 50˚. When that happens down here, we start checking for permafrost.)  She was pissed that she couldn’t wear her sleeveless leotard and had to wear the long-sleeved one.  Then, she had to put sweat pants on over her leotard and chiffon skirt.  The final blow was having to wear boots instead of her ballet shoes on the way to class.  Once we actually made it into the room, however, and the pants and boots were off, all was right with the world.  With each little girl that entered, Stella had to enthusiastically admire her garb and loudly point out that they all matched her own.  Basically, the “lesson” was more fashion commentary and tickling than actual dance.  I think the group only danced about 15 minutes.

Recovered from the indignity of sweatpants and boots

Recovered from the indignity of sweatpants and boots

Action shot

Action shot

At the conclusion of the lesson, my daughter and I walked to the car in the cold dark.  She was already asking when she could go back.  It felt like it was 9:00 PM.  It was only 5:20.  I drove home like a granny, hunched over the wheel, cursing rush-hour drivers, and squinting.  I don’t go out at night.  I don’t drive well at night.  Oh man.  I am old.

But we’ll be back next week, and probably for a long time to come.  Because I think she likes it.  And she’ll like other things.  And then Felix will like stuff.

Santa needs to bring me a chauffeur for Xmas.  Or some night-vision glasses.


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