Put the Peddle to the Metal

Just when you think Facebook can’t become more annoying, it does1.  The political garbage from both sides of the lunatic fringe, the “repost this or this tiny innocent girl will be devoured by bears” nonsense, the Ink Master spoilers (and I’m still so damn furious about that – the spoilers and the outcome.  Come on, Joshua Hibbard!  You had it in the bag!!  And who kicks out a tattoo artist for pot?!  Sex, drugs, and rock and roll….and tattoos.  They’re 4 peas in a pod.  Bad call, SpikeTV.  Bad call.  Sorry.  Got off on a rant there.) – all of that was obnoxious enough.  But now?  Now it’s like an online Tupperware party.

You talented bastard (Thanks, Google, for the photo)

You talented bastard (Thanks, Google, for the photo)

I remember hearing about those as a kid.  Tupperware was the rage, and the neighborhood ladies would all be dragged to these parties to listen to that patented burp, drink some punch, and feel obligated to buy a $10 plastic bowl.

Now with Facebook (and Instagram, to a smaller extent), you can be added – against your will, by your “friends” – to groups that sell things that you don’t want or need.  As if the damn ads weren’t bad enough, your “friends” are now hustling you.

Note: This is very different from the friends, businesses, or groups that I have chosen of my own free will or because of my interest in what they’re selling.  I follow some people that are talented artists in many different fields, and I enjoy seeing what they’re doing.  It’s like Pinterest in real life.  I also know that some people occasionally sell things for extra income or for their kids’ school.  I overlook that as well, since those are both useful endeavors.

If I want eyelashes, picture frames, cheap stackable jewelry, or spray tans, I’ll research it and buy it myself, damn it.  I will not succumb to virtual peer pressure and feel obligated to buy some piece of crap I don’t want or can’t use.  You could at least burp for me.  Geez.

1 And I know.  If it sucks so bad, commit Facebook suicide, right?  It’s tempting.  And one day I just might.


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