Les Messérables

Things have felt a bit more unmanageable than usual lately.  Sure, some of it is pre-holiday angst.  What gifts are we getting for whom and can we afford it and when can we order/buy said gifts based on our bank account.  Do I have enough stamps to mail all of our cards?  The decorating.  On top of all of that, there just seems to be all of this extra debris that’s clogging up my synapses and making me feel a bit more edgy than usual.  For example:

  • Our white Xmas tree isn’t so white anymore. Sure, it’s been getting a bit yellow-ish despite my best efforts to the contrary, but this year it’s pretty awful.  Will put it outside in our non-climate-controlled storage room, and I think it killed my tree.  It’s not as bad when it’s lit, particularly since I added a bunch of extra lights (required since the top half burnt out several days before Xmas last year).  When it’s not lit, it looks like a pack of Great Danes came in my house and hosed it.  Fortunately, my children insist that it be illuminated every second they’re awake.  I’ve thought about spray-painting it, but it’s pretty ghetto as it is.  This is the end for this tree – its last Xmas.  It had a good run.

    Thanks to the magic of Instagram and fun filters, you can't see that awful color so much.  At least the kids loved it...

    Thanks to the magic of Instagram and fun filters, you can’t see that awful color so much. At least the kids love it…

  • My car is like a travelling landfill despite the fact that at every single red light I gather up handfuls of fruit snack wrappers and cram them into grocery bags. My kids just eat dozens of these things a day and now expect them when we go anywhere at all.  Yeah, that’s my own damn fault.  Add to that the candy cane wrappers and I’m buried in tiny crinkling bits of garbage.
  • Felix needs tubes in his ears. I fought it as long and hard as I could, but we were back at the doc early this week for yet another double ear infection.  He hadn’t even been off of antibiotics a full week.  The poor kid has maybe had 2 weeks total of health in the last 4 months.  We’ve been on every antibiotic – oral, injected, drops – known to modern medicine.  He’s had his ears cultured.    The surgery is on the 10th.  I can’t even think about it without wanting to cry.  I know it’s not a big deal – that tens of thousands of kids get them annually (hell, Will and I both had them) – but this is my little bitty dude we’re talking about…

    The dude is not amused.

    The dude is not amused.

  • With that, he doesn’t sleep so well, obviously. This means I don’t sleep so well, causing me to look and feel worse than usual.  This is also probably why it seems I’ve had the same damn cold for over a month….
  • I missed my family on Tgiving. We went to Oui Oui’s, which was nice, but it’s always hard for me to be so far away from my people on days like that.  But the gumbo was fantastic and my little Cajun offspring ate it for two separate meals.

I’m trying to just buck up and keep my merde together.  We do have lots of fun activities planned for the holiday season.  It’s like Halloween; it’s going to be so much better and more exciting than last year.  I just need to ignore my urine-colored Xmas tree, thoughts of pending surgery, and trashy car and focus on the good stuff.


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