Ro Sham Gumbo

This is a blog about gumbo.  It’s not a tutorial.  It’s an ode to a very special gumbo that I have the privilege to enjoy on a very regular basis.  It’s a chicken and Andouille version (vs the seafood variety that some people prefer) made by my father in law.  We’ve since christened him “The Gumbo (or Gumbeaux, for you Cajun-types) King.”  He got a paper crown for Father’s Day this past year and everything to prove it.

Gumbo is serious business around here.  It seems like every family has their own version of it, and each family has their own professional gumbo-maker.  Kids here grow up with, just like they grow up eating crawfish (I still struggle with that one….not that it’s gross….it’s just an awful lot of work for a little bit of meat).  And my kids love this stuff.

Anyway, every time my FIL makes a pot (and he has this beautiful ginormous old steel pot he uses), we’re lucky enough to get frozen portions to keep in our freezer to enjoy at home.  It’s a good thing the freezer is locked in a storage room away from the house.  I truly believe that otherwise, Stella would raid the freezer, find the Tupperware containers, pry off the lids, and suck on them like huge gumbo popsicles.  Felix would, too, except he can’t read the labels yet to tell the gumbo from the chili.

What’s more is that I’m coming to believe that this gumbo has magical healing properties; it’s the Cajun equivalent of chicken noodle soup.  There have been occasions when the kids just aren’t eating well.  Gumbo fixes that.  There have been occasions when the kids have had stomach troubles.  Gumbo fixes that (despite what you might otherwise think).  Recently, my son had a bad case of the back-door trots along with a vicious case of diaper rash.  Gumbo for dinner (2 full bowls of the stuff) and all was right with the world – and his butt.

I’m seriously considering rubbing this stuff on my neck, where I have this strange and recurring case of the hives.  I’ll bet it goes away.

Anyway, cheers to the Gumbo King and his amazing product.  We’re grateful to you. (Subliminal message: we’re almost out!!)


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