Toca Cabana

I’m not one to plug things, but there’s an app maker – Toca Boca – that makes some pretty cute kids’ apps.  You can be a doctor, chef, tailor, builder, music/band director…. It’s all pretty amazing and well-done.

A little while back, I saw a newer game available for free and downloaded it on my phone.  Since Stella now has her “own” phone (an abandoned one we found with a busted screen and no sim card, which we fixed and has since become a dedicated kid game machine, thereby allowing us to A) actually use our own phones, and B) actually use our own phone without becoming sticky/greasy in the process), I seriously limit the number of games on my own.

We rediscovered this game recently, and it’s been a hoot.  It’s a salon-type game, which is no big deal, but this one lets you photograph your own face and upload it into the game.  Again, no biggie.  What is different is that this game actually changes the facial expressions as you “style” yourself.  Oh, and you can save pictures of the beautiful new you into your photo stream.  I’ve found some doozies.

Here Stella has added some nice ears....

Here Stella has added some nice ears….

Clown nose and everything.

Clown nose and everything.

Aaaaand a tongue.

Aaaaand a tongue.

After seeing some of Stella’s hanidwork on our shared photo stream, Will questioned me about it one night after work when we were enjoying some holiday cheer in a glass.  He got into the action.

Will's was the best....

Will’s was the best….

(Sorry Stella)

(Sorry Stella)

I seriously almost wet myself laughing.  I actually did laugh so hard I woke up Felix.

This is fun stuff, y’all.  If you’re looking for a cute game for your kid, well…you know.


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