Taste Makes Waste

Like I wrote about recently, we’ve been trying to open up the kids’ world a bit, trying lots of new foods and even exploring new (to them, anyway) programming on TV.  On that note, I’ve actually cancelled our satellite, which is just weird.  We now are a totally streaming home.  I’m actually digging it.  I find that I’m watching much less since I have to be so deliberate about turning it on and finding what I want.  We’re listening to more music.  It’s great!

Anyway, we’re breaking out of our usual boxes (back on track).  Mainly this is about Stella.  Felix is still young enough and usually easygoing such that he just gets dragged along with the group.  She has been the one that has gotten stuck in pretty big loops, whether it be cartoons/movies (which I know isn’t terribly uncommon) or food.  Lately though, she’s been really awesome about trying things, even if it’s funny-looking to her.

For instance, Will recently brought home some stinky cheeses from Whole Foods.   Stella actually tried some.  Sure, she didn’t care for it, but she tried them.  One after another.  Hell, if I were 4 years old and someone served me a stinky blue, I’d tell them to shove any forthcoming cheese samples up their ass.  She tried the rambutan at the Asian market, and was very excited about the tapioca cake.  She didn’t like that, either, but she tried it.  And it’s green.

Green cake?  Maybe with ham, Sam I Am.

Green cake? Maybe with ham, Sam I Am.

I love this whole open-minded thing she’s got going right now.  The down side is that when she doesn’t like something, it either must be discarded or eaten by one of the adults.  Yeah.  I need more cheese in my butt.  But I think as a parent that’s all you could hope for: having kids that are curious enough about the world to try stuff.  Now I may eat those words in about 10 years, but….


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