Thoughts from the Lunatic Binge

If I had to try to sum up the past few months of my life, I would say that it’s been occupied by the pursuit of balance.  After 4+ years of being snowed under by pregnancies, nursing, young babies, survival, it’s time to start making progress.  The kids are getting older, issues are resolving themselves with amazing results, and it’s now indecent to keep using my 2 young kids as an excuse for things – things like why our house and yard look like utter crap, and why I lack total muscle tone in my midsection and as a result look like Jabba the Hutt when I sit down.  It’s time to start working on myself, my marriage, my relationships.  You know, come out from under the Mommy Rock.

So, I’ve been pushing.  Some days are better than others.  Some days the Mommy Rock slams back on top of my head.  Other days are awesome; just this past weekend, we cleaned the house inside and out.  It looks better than it has since we moved in.  We’re planning on some serious gardening sessions over the next few weekends.  It’s oddly exciting.

I’m working on new stuff for the family.  We joined that Try the World subscription.  I want to start doing “multicultural months” at my house, whereby we choose a country each month or so and try their foods, music, and learn a little bit about their language and culture.  I don’t want my kids to think Italy = Olive Garden and anything Latino can be found at the Taco Bell.  Our first box was French/Parisian.  It’s got some really awesome stuff in it.  Hence, vive la France beginning tomorrow.  I’ve made a binder for pictures and created a YouTube playlist of everything from Erik Satie to modern French pop music.  We’ll make crepes.  It’ll be a blast.

Stella posing per my request next to our Try the World box.  If you tag them on Instagram, you can win a free box.  I'm down with that, so I'm pimping my kid out.

Stella posing per my request next to our Try the World box. If you tag them on Instagram, you can win a free box. I’m down with that, so I’m pimping my kid out.

Finally, I’m trying to do stuff for myself – stuff that makes me happy.  I’m knitting again.  True, I suck.  But I can make some awesome squares and rectangles.  I’ve got hundreds of squares I’ve done over the past 5 years.  I’m stitching them together into a patchwork knitted quilt.  So I’m square.  I know.

I’m doing crunches, planks, just trying to move more.  I don’t look that bad standing, but I do spread out like a Hutt when sitting on my butt.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

And for fun?  I’m binge-watching shows that all of America has been watching (or has already watched) over the past 4-5 years.  I just finished Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy.  OhmyglobIcan’tfindSeason7anywhereandI’mabouttodie.  Sorry.  I got so worked up after the S6 finale that I started to compose a poem:

I finished Season 6 today,

I’m utterly bereft.

And as I understand it,

There’s only one more left.

But now I cannot find it,

To stream and watch for free.

No Hulu, Netflix, Amazon,

Season Seven’s not for me.

Sorry.  Never said I was a poet.

So yeah. I’ve missed the water cooler chats about these shows, but I’m trying to get back to the world.  I’ve started Downton Abbey.  I’m only on Season 1.  No spoilers, thank you very much, and save the “where have you been?” shit as well, please.

Hopefully soon I’ll be posting pictures of flowers and other good things I’m planting.  Maybe I’ll discuss things other than kids (and kids’ snot, poop, rotten behavior).  This is a good thing.

Yeah, they're cute and all, but I need a damn break.

Yeah, they’re cute and all, but I need a damn break.



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