Wake Me Out to the Ballgame

I’ve bitched a lot about sleep deprivation since I started this blog.  For years, I’ve complained about being tired and moaned (justifiably) about how early my children wake up every single day.  Monday should have been sweet – a moment of delicious revenge to savor and think on fondly for years to come.

But it wasn’t.

Thanks to the stupid (*&^#@ing time change, I actually had to set an alarm clock Sunday night.  While getting up before the sun isn’t enjoyable, it’s even worse when it’s precipitated by the very loud crowing of an artificial rooster.  I had put me and Felix on the couch, realizing that the morning would probably get pretty dicey.

Sure enough, the alarm went off.  Felix was still asleep, and somehow slept through it.  Stella was still in her bed, sleeping sweetly.  Will was back in the big bed.  He sleeps through anything (damn it).

I had to wake my children up so that we wouldn’t be late for work/school.  I had to put my hand on my 4 year old daughter’s back while she slept under her jellyfish canopy beneath her mermaid comforter and shake her awake.  Felix was just buffeted awake by the sounds of Spongebob on TV and the coffee maker.

They both acted totally stoned during breakfast.  Or maybe not.  A stoned person would have actually eaten breakfast.  But when you’re used to milling about for at least an hour, watching cartoons to build up an appetite, it’s hard to sit and eat 5 minutes after waking up.

On the way to school, poor little Felix kept hollering “Dark!  Dark!”  Stella marveled at “all the lights.”  Yeah, you need all those lights WHEN IT’S BLACK AS HELL OUTSIDE.

This time change, y’all… It’s gotta go.

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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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