Ren(aissance) and Stimpy

We had a cool weekend – a super cool weekend.  From a parade to a foam machine to gardening to dinosaur fossils.  Random observations:

  • For the second year in a row, a St. Patrick’s day parade put my son to sleep. I have no idea what that’s about.
    Everyone is still so perky...

    Everyone is still so perky…

    Aaaaaand gone.

    Aaaaaand gone.

    Parades:  Better than Ambien.

    Parades: Better than Ambien.  One year ago.

  • Thanks to my husband, a shop vac, a large bin, a garden hose, and a whole lotta Dawn soap turned into magic for our kids and some neighbors. It was such a hit that we’ve pitched the idea to the kids’ school.  The foam machine is going on tour!
    You'd think it was spewing ice cream and candy....

    You’d think it was spewing ice cream and candy….

    photo 4

    Good clean fun

    Good clean fun

  • I’ve learned that I’m much better at going with the flow than I used to be. When I read that a really good Jurassic exhibit was coming down after this past weekend, we all piled in the car and drove 50 miles to see it, after spending the morning finally transforming our front flower bed from redneck paradise to… I’ll let you know when stuff starts growing.  Our back yard is still a bog.  We can’t go back there.  That’s frustrating.  Anyway…. the point is that a year ago I wouldn’t have just thrown the kids in the car to see fossils.  It would’ve had to be planned.  I’m kind of proud of 7photo 6
  • Stella doesn’t run randomly from snakes. I found a garter snake crawling out of our dryer duct and shouted for Stella.  She was fascinated.  I’m glad.  There’s enough to fear in this world without fearing things that can’t hurt us.
  • Finally, I still feel like I’m emerging from some sort of Mommy cocoon. It sounds stupid but just watching Downton Abbey and knitting makes me feel like a normal human being.  Maybe next will come a book club or Tai Chi.  Who knows?

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