Done What May

This weekend was a real struggle.  I couldn’t tell you why.  I just felt so low and burnt out.  We spent much of Saturday helping at Stella’s school.  That’s actually pretty awesome.  The staff asks that families come in one Saturday a year to help with cleaning and yard maintenance.  I don’t mind a bit.  It feels good to make things clean and fresh for our kiddos.  By that night, I was just done in.  I couldn’t cook.  I wouldn’t cook.  The kids had hot dogs and apples.  I don’t think the grownups had that much.  Maybe some cereal?

By yesterday morning I felt worse – just very low and worn out.  I tried to tag out for a while – to lock myself in the back and take a power nap.  That’s when one of the cats started puking back there.  Yesterday afternoon was the egg hunt at a local “rural life museum.”  It’s usually a good time.  Will had amped up our foam/bubble machine for after.  Our nerves were just frayed.  Sure, it was crowded, and the kids both showed their behinds a bit.

I am kinda proud.  His "Easter basket" is his Darth Vader Halloween bucket, accessorized with some spring-like ribbon.

I am kinda proud. His “Easter basket” is his Darth Vader Halloween bucket, accessorized with some spring-like ribbon.

Stella wanted her face painted.  Rather than the cute bunnies or pastel eggs, she wanted to be “a monster.”  With her polka-dotted dress, it was quite the sight.   Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t get a fair shake.  The lady painting her face thought she was at least 6.  People don’t realize she’s only 4 with 4-year-old behavior to match.  I want to smack people when I see “looks.”  Sorry.  I guess I’m just sensitive about it.

Getting her monster on

Getting her monster on

The foam machine was amazing – even better than the first time we did it.  We’re planning on taking it to Stella’s school soon for all the kids to play with.

Parenting win.

Parenting win.



We were all exhausted by the evening.  Felix hadn’t napped and it was pretty obvious.  When I went to put him to bed, their room reeked.  Between going in to get their pajamas and bedtime, one of the damn cats had peed in Stella’s bed.  I cried.  Once I changed the linens and aired it out, Felix was out in a flash with Stella not far behind.  Then I drank wine and watched Downton Abbey.

I still feel rough today.  I’m not sure why life is getting to me.  I feel like a whiner and an asshole.  I need a vacation.

Yeah, son.  I feel you.

Yeah, son. I feel you.

Thanks for listening.  I’ll get it together.

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4 Responses to Done What May

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Love his Easter bucket! Where did you get that foam machine?? Hang in there, hun! Sending hugs!

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