Topic ‘O the Morning to You

On those 3 days of the week when we have our “early” mornings, the kids and I often arrive at their school with a few minutes to spare.  I don’t mind.  I usually give them some fruit snacks and we hang out, sing songs, put lotion and chapstick on (Stella….Felix could give a rat’s butt about that stuff), and discuss random topics of Stella’s choosing.  This is often accompanied by visual aids provided by my iPhone, Google, and Wikipedia.

This is getting scary.  My 4 year old daughter is asking about some rather interesting topics.  We’ve been all over insects (their morphology including the abdomen, thorax, and mandibles, vs. arachnids, varieties of and diet/habitat), marine biology (varieties of fish, parts of the coral reef, zooplankton vs. phytoplankton), astronomy (including the moons of Jupiter and what variety of rock the moon is made of), and the social lessons we can learn from Spongebob (Squidward is a jerk-face).

Understand, I typically don’t prompt her on these topics, unless there’s something we need to discuss (don’t play with your nipples in front of other people).  She comes up with this on her own, including “zooplankton.”  She gets a lot this stuff from all the wonderful educational apps on her phone.  She’s learned music from some silly game; she’s started to pick songs out by ear on her piano and a xylophone at school.  Thanks to some boring quiz app, she now knows her elbow is a hinge joint (vs. a ball and socket joint) and her thigh-bone is also known as her femur.  But it’s staggering what she’s absorbed from these games.  She’s like Kal-El coming out of his space pod, fully educated as a young child.  Stella’s iPhone is the equivalent of his “smart crystals.”

I’m smart enough to keep up – for now.  But I’m screwed in the next few years.  I never took organic chemistry or anatomy.  I barely passed calculus.  This kid shall surpass her mother and soon!!

My amazing girl

My amazing girl


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2 Responses to Topic ‘O the Morning to You

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    What apps do you recommend? I need to refresh my kid’s apps.

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