The Lord’s Player

So we’ve officially entered the world of the “play date.”  Sure, we got together every once in a blue moon with friends that had kids close to Stella’s age, but that was more about the adults than the kids – that kinship you feel with people who are as equally sleep-deprived and covered with spit-up as you are.  Stella (and Felix) enjoyed these outings, but was just as happy hanging out with us.  Now?  She’s becoming a very social creature.

Home Depot kids workshops are always a hit.  They're free, and you get an apron, cute pin, and some sort of project at the end.

Home Depot kids workshops are always a hit. They’re free, and you get an apron, cute pin, and some sort of project at the end.

She’s almost constantly asking for so-and-so to come over.  What’s odd is that as burnt out as I am, it’s actually somehow easier having an extra kid around.  Stella stays engaged and Felix is usually tagging along.  Given that we’re already in our summer hibernation – when it’s simply too hot to go outside for long – it’s cool to find new things to keep the kids busy without A) TV, B) needing to spend money/resources going somewhere, and C) requiring my constant involvement.  There are lots of arts and crafts and sundaes.  I can handle that.  Now I just need to figure out how this social network works.  Do you stalk other parents (of school friends) on Facebook?  Hang out in the parking lot during drop-off/pick-up?  Send a private note home with a 4 year old and hope that she/he remembers to give it to their mom – and then hope further that you don’t come across as creepy?  I need a handbook for this stuff.

What else is new?  We’re in the season of swimming lessons.  It’s taking the sting out of not having dance in our lives right now.  She starts kindergarten in under 2 months.  I can’t believe that.  I suppose I need to start accumulating uniforms soon.  They make the elementary kids here wear navy bottoms and burgundy tops.  That’s about the most depressing palette I can imagine for sweet little kids.  Why not just embrace the whole damn emo thing and make them wear black?  At least they’d look chic.

Summer is kind of a drag.  It’s just a matter of dealing with the heat – looking for innovative things to do.  The over-achiever in me – the part that hasn’t been strangled by reality – always wants my kids to have these awesome and enriching experiences.  And then I catch my son building a “track” out of books and chugging around the living room shouting “Choo choo!  Felix train!”  So who am I kidding?  Those kids are enriched enough.  They need to share some of that with me.

Felix Train

Felix Train


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3 Responses to The Lord’s Player

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    I’m in the same playdate boat. I have no idea how to reach these other parents. I tried sending notes home, but it was more miss than hit. No more phone trees??

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