The Fold and the Beautiful

I’ve spoken at length about not having time for myself – specifically to create or learn new stuff.  I want to learn to sew.  I mean, really sew.  Not just nap mat covers.  I desperately want to learn to crochet.  I adore granny squares and must learn to make them, dammit.  The problem is that all of those activities require time, patience, and space to spread out.  None of those things are in great supply at my house, particularly in the middle of summer when we’re in our summer hibernation pattern.

It's just too damn hot to be outside unless you're playing in water....

It’s just too damn hot to be outside unless you’re playing in water….

...or eating red popsicles.

…or eating red popsicles.

I got a wild hair on Sunday.  I decided I wanted to make origami cranes.  I didn’t want to just make one.  I wanted to learn to make them – muscle memory and such.  I want to be able to just sit down in a meeting and start folding some badass cranes if I get bored.  So I turned to that most magical professor, YouTube.  After getting pissed off trying to follow about 6 different tutorials, I finally found a winner.  And my crane factory was born.  Will was amazed that I managed to concentrate enough to generate even one while sweeping up glitter pouring chocolate milk threatening to send people to time out supervising our children.  By the end of the day, I had a flock.  I may need an intervention.  For 3

I’ve mentioned that things at work have been less-than-ideal of late.  I have new neighbors.  One gets more calls than any 4 adolescent girls in a given day.  He won’t turn his ringer off.  He speaks rather loudly, often in Arabic.  Many of my new neighbors think it’s perfectly correct to cut fingernails at the office.  It’s like inmate overcrowding, only without shivs and jumpsuits.  On top of no pay increases in years, more expensive – and less-comprehensive- benefits, it’s just a petri dish for low morale and snarcasm.

I do what I can.  I have an aromatherapy diffuser that operates off of a USB hub.  And now I have cranes.  I was talking to a most amazing lady at work, my friend TG.  We were giggling about all the craziness in our midst and I was wondering what in the hell to do with all of these damn cranes.  She had the best idea.  I should stockpile my creations.  Whenever my  new neighbors act up, I can use a rubber band to “shoot the bird” at whoever deserves it.  That’s genius!

Now to select my first target…

You see crane.  I now see ammunition.

You see crane. I now see ammunition.

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