The Thin Red Wine

There are days when it feels harder to be a mom than usual.  A major example is when your kids are sick. Those days suck.  Other tough days are when you yourself are sick.  Those days suck also, but for different reasons.  And then there are more mundane suck days: like period days.

I think most of us gals like to try to function like regular people- only people that wear uglier undergarments than usual or require more bathroom trips than most.  But let’s get honest: hormones are NOT our friend.  They make us tired, weepy, pissed off, hot, uncomfortable, and just kind of insane.    And when you’re a mom and have little people doing little people stuff in your vicinity, your might as well turn green, explode out of your clothes, and start screaming “SMASH!”

I want my kids to think back on me as a cool, nurturing mom.  Not some maniac bellowing like a baboon.  One week out of the month, however….

This morning has been rough, but not atypical of this time of the month.  The kids have been loud and energetic.  They chased each other around, screaming, giggling, and fighting.  They locked themselves in the bathroom, hollering, and playing some kind of game which involved their TOOTHBRUSHES ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR.  By the time Stella went to school, everyone had been in time out at least 4 times. 

This is all very normal in a strange way…

 Usually things calm down and get very peaceful once it’s just me and Felix around the house. He plays cars, watches cartoons, paints, or digs around in kinetic sand while I do my work.  Today?  I hear “Beach!  Felix walk on sand!”  Oh no.  Oh yes.  He had dumped his entire bucket of sand on the kitchen floor and was boogieing on it.  I swept it up as best I could, but his “beach” is now contaminated with glitter, toast crumbs, and cat hair.


To make matters worse, I’m dieting.  This means no snacks.  Worse than that? No wine, other than a single glass or two on Saturday night. 

Quit snivelling, son. At least you can have cookies.

 We just sent a damn spacecraft to Pluto, for F’s sake.  You mean some brainiac somewhere can’t invent zero calorie wine?!?!  That’s a Nobel Prize winning idea if I’ve ever heard one.


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3 Responses to The Thin Red Wine

  1. Being a mom of young kids while also PMS-ing out of every pore is not fun. I can also relate to this, “I swept it up as best I could, but his “beach” is now contaminated with glitter, toast crumbs, and cat hair.” as it applies to most clean-up situations of tiny items. I’m on a diet, too. I’m trying to make myself feel better by calling it a lifestyle change, but there’s no way around the hunger.

  2. NickyB. says:

    I’d definitely buy that wine!

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