There Joe’s the Neighborhood

As parents, we are hard-wired to think that our kids are simply remarkable.  It’s no doubt nature’s way of making sure we don’t kick them out of the house when they scream too loud, spill chocolate milk on the couch, or crap their pants for the 4th time in one day.

My daughter is remarkable.  Sometimes she’s remarkably loud.  Sometimes she’s remarkably dramatic.  Sometimes she’s remarkably curious.  She is never – and I mean never – boring or bland.  She wears me out.  She utterly delights me.

Her reading is amazing.  She’s 4 years old and already reading chapter books that most kids don’t touch until 1st grade.  To put it mildly, we encourage the hell out of it.  We’ve made charts with stickers and when she finishes a book, there is some reward.  Depending on what she selects, she may have to read more than one book.  For instance, she fell in love with this Hello Kitty nightgown (which has become a dress – I just roll with it) at CostCo for $10.  That was one book.  A trip to Chuck E Cheese was one book.  Her latest choice was a trip to Joe’s Crab Shack.  That ain’t cheap.  That was three books.  She finished the third book Friday night, so we owed her a trip to Joe’s this weekend.

You should’ve seen this kid.  She went to Joe’s STYLING.  She wore her Hello Kitty nightgown/dress, fairy wings, a tiara, jewelry, and her sparkly sandals.  I think every server came by to admire her majesty. The only thing more impressive was her appetite. Holy moly the girl can put away crab.  Felix had fun, too.

Ms. Dazzle herself

Ms. Dazzle herself

Must.  Eat.  Crabs!!!

Must. Eat. Crabs!!!

Little ham

Little ham

She was so pleased with herself and her appearance that she named herself Sparkle Dazzle.  We were not permitted to call her Stella.  It was cute for about an hour.  By the end of the day, I was over it.

But the best part of the day – for me – was later on.  We had a junior scientist kit in their closet that she dug out last week.  The main part of it is a microscope.  It’s not the best quality, but it was enough to get the idea.  Her favorite thing to look at was a dead fruit fly.  Despite the fact that it’s a transmitted-light microscope and the body wasn’t translucent, she was able to see the wings and tiny hairs everywhere.  She was so into it!  I’ve seen some cool pocket microscopes on Amazon for like $15.  I think we may be upgrading soon, along with some proper slides and cover slips.  As a science geek myself, I’m totally tickled she wants to do this stuff.  I’m trying to find some of the old thin sections I made back in school.

Getting our nerd on

Getting our nerd on

"Fruit flies have hairy booty butts."  (Whatever you say, Stella!)

“Fruit flies have hairy booty butts.” (Whatever you say, Stella!)

I’m just so proud of her.  She is sparkly and dazzling and smart.  The world better watch out for this one.

Sorry.  Braggy mom blog done.  I know that’s obnoxious.


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4 Responses to There Joe’s the Neighborhood

  1. *puts microscope on to-buy list*
    I know they are different, but a lot of the descriptions you use for Stella are ones that I would also use for Lilah. Lilah is a force to be reckoned with!
    Lilah hasn’t gotten the hang out reading yet, however. She loves the hell out of stories, though. She’s been slowly realizing the patterns within words and telling me when she notices which words have “ca” in them or “ll”.

  2. NickyB. says:

    This is awesome… I love that she is interested in all of that! Loved the outfit!

  3. cabertram says:

    “She is sparkly and dazzling and smart.” That and so much more.

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