The Elastic of the Mohicans

Crispi, the kids, and I have recently returned from what must surely be the strangest trip/mini-vacation of my life.

The original objective: to drive to Philadelphia, Mississippi to reunite with family and expose my children to the Neshoba County Fair. The Fair is a big damn deal, y’all. It’s even on Wikipedia. It’s one of those crazy, surreal, mind bending things that you either love or hate. Given the huge degree of hoopla associated with this event, the intention had been to come in early Thursday evening pre-Fair-opening and stay the night in my aunt’s Fair cabin before moving to a nearby motel where we – especially Stella- could chill, regroup, and swim. 

The first night was calm


The cabin itself is overwhelming, with colors/patterns/pictures/stuff everywhere


Felix handled it best of all

 What really happened: my kids are just a wee bit too young. That and Stella may take after her mother in that the whole thing is just a lot to take in. It’s overwhelming. And did you notice I said it was in Mississippi? And it’s late July? That means it’s “oh shit it’s so hot I’ve perspired enough in 5 minutes that my bra now contains a liter of fluid. I pity the fool that hugs me” hot.

We basically kind of fled. What made matters worse was the hotel room: nasty. *cough cough Econolodge cough*. And since we were in the boonies, it’s not like we could just try the hotel across the street. So we left. Checked out 2 days early, hit the Fair for one more session so that Stella could at least ride some rides, wrung out our bras, and set sail for Jackson, MS.  

 Our Jackson objective: stay in a nicer motel with a pool in which you could see the bottom, maybe hit a museum, and go back to the Fair late Sunday when it was less crazy/crowded and stay at the cabin again.

What actually happened: our bras dried. And we didn’t want to be back out in the middle of BFE again in that heat. So by bedtime that night in Jackson, we were going to maybe hit a museum and head back to good old Baton Rouge. 

See, Crispi thought we could rest a while. The kids thought better of it. Who needs a stinking nap when there’s a pool?!

 Yeah, only that didn’t quite happen either. When we woke Sunday, we totally decided that we should go to Biloxi. So we did. The kids got to see a beach – albeit a gross one (while the sand is pretty, the water is hideous due to barrier islands which trap all dirt and trash) and swim in yet another pool and sleep in yet another bed.   

Felix was OVER the car


We did find a hermit crab in the murkey surf

Summary: 4 nights, 4 beds, 3 cities, 3 pools, no fewer than 9 adjusted/discarded plans. We all survived and I’m nominating myself for the “Go With the Flow” award. For someone who hates spontaneity, I managed 4 rather tenuous days nicely. I’ll accept a ribbon, plaque, or a trophy.


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6 Responses to The Elastic of the Mohicans

  1. NickyB. says:

    I’m still laughing at “our bras died” lol. Looks like the kids had fun.

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Is that New Donut??

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