Working on the Change Gang

We’re dealing with the transition that all parents must endure: Stella going off to kindergarten.  And like everyone else, this has been a source of great excitement, fear, anxiety, and sadness.   This change has caused a snowball effect around our household.  Will  takes the kids in the morning, dropping Stella off right on time. I’ve adjusted my work schedule to an earlier time, so I can pick Stella up on time.  This way, we keep her day as short as possible – and save money on before- and after-care.  And since we no longer have to pay for Stella’s tuition, Felix can transition to full-time at their playschool starting next week.  That’s going to be amazing – amazing for him, since he wants to be there more often, and amazing for our household, as we have barely made it financially with 2 kids to pay for.  Their combined tuition – even with Felix only part-time – has been more than our mortgage.

We prepped Stella as much as you can.  She left happy, excited, and feeling beautiful in her hideous uniform.  Y’all, the first 2 days did not go well.  Getting really honest, she is NOT a kid that adjusts well to huge changes, and this is huge.  I’ve already had a “note” and a call with her teacher.  A conference has been requested with the counselor.   I’m having Stepford Academy flashbacks again.  I know that’s ridiculous, but that place did such an emotional number on my family that we’re still tender about that subject.  I know this is different.  This is public school.  They can’t just toss a kid out.  But I just so wanted this to go well.  My heart hurts.

My sweet girl day 1

My sweet girl day 1

Day 2: She's still happy and excited if no one else is!

Day 2: She’s still happy and excited if no one else is!

Logically, I know Stella will be fine.  Like all kids, she won’t love everything about school.  Every day won’t be a great day.  She will not like every kid.  Every kid won’t necessarily like her.  It is going to take my child longer than most to come to grips with all this new stuff – the faces, sounds, smells, places.  I just need these folks to give her time and not give up on her.  I’m trying to remain calm.  The teacher has used the words “make a plan so we can move forward,” so I think that’s encouraging.

It’s hard to take her from a place where she’s been so well cared for and loved – a place that I grew to trust with all of my parental heart – to send her into the great unknown, realizing that at least at first it will not be fine.  I’ve been a nervous wreck all week.  The first 2 days didn’t help.

And my dude….Yesterday was my last “Dude Day” with Felix.  I’ve enjoyed those 2 days a week when it was just us.  I wanted to do something special with/for him, but I was working from home and time and money just wasn’t available.  So I did the next best thing:  I gave him a new Donut I had been sitting on.  It was like his best friend came back to life.





Please let next week be better.  Please let next week be better.  Please let next week be better.  Send us some positive vibes!

This silly little boy...

This silly little boy…


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5 Responses to Working on the Change Gang

  1. NickyB. says:

    Sending prayers for a great week and school year!

  2. We have the worlds best preschool as well. Making that transition was REALLY rough, and I hate to break it to you, but the transition every year is tough. The difference will be that she will grow older and more independent as the years pass. J’s first day in kindergarten, I followed the bus. We had trouble with the teacher he was assigned, she was blind, and I believe, embalmed some years before. We worked through the kinks, though, and by October or so, he was a happy kid. He learned at the speed of light- it was like every day he was just a little smarter than me. First grade was trying as well, even more so, (I also had many meetings and talks with teachers and principals…) but the rewards were so big it hardly mattered. Give it time. Stella will start surprising you in ways you never thought possible. Elementary school is an amazing ride.

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