Put Your Peddle to the Metal

Yeah so school.  I really am in a better place about much of this since I last talked about it (https://larva225.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/when-you-wish-upon-a-start/).  That doesn’t mean there’s not still frustrations and angst.  That also doesn’t mean I’m not drinking a bit more wine than I should.  But I’ve released the feelings of paranoia, guilt, and shame.  And most of the anxiety.  I still retain some, but hell, I’m a mommy, no?

The main frustration is the lack of communication.  I’ve already shared the bit about the behavior calendar and the smiley faces or red dots of doom.  The problem is that A) more often than not, there’s no dot at all, B) often the paper/folder doesn’t even make it home, and C) when we do get dots, I have no idea why.  What is she doing right/wrong?  We valiantly try to discuss expectations with her, and back up words with our own behavior chart at home, but how can we put stickers on a chart when we don’t know if it’s deserved?

To be fair, I also get stuff like this sent home.  This is a self-portrait.  Stella apparently sees herself very tan and with large boobies.

To be fair, I also get stuff like this sent home. This is a self-portrait. Stella apparently sees herself very tan and with large boobies.

A speech therapist called me last Friday, as the school thought she ought to be evaluated.  I scoffed when they told me that, but hey…it’s their dime and time.  I wasn’t worried.  Sure enough, the therapist told me how smart, compliant, and funny Stella was, and how once Stella realized she was being tested, she tested the therapist back, asking her her own questions using the template of the test questions.  I laughed at that.  In the meantime, I haven’t been contacted by anyone directly – teacher or guidance counselor.

They’ve also started sending home homework to some extent.  One was a worksheet on Monday from the previous week with “incomplete” written on it.  No instructions.  Was I supposed to help her finish it?  Was it a bust?  We did it anyway and sent it back.  And their “Poetry Folders” with sheets to encourage literacy is a joke.  It is – no exaggeration – stuff Stella was reading when she was 3.  I’ve stopped having her read chapter books, since apparently her reading level is a problem. How f’ed up is that?

We did have to attend our first open house last night.  Do you know that they already have us pimping out chocolate??  The second full week of school?  And it’s crap?  World’s Best Chocolate my ass.  Everyone knows Hershey’s or even Nestle would sell better.  Still, you have to be a “team player.”  We just certainly won’t win MVP for this gig.

I'm trying to get creative with this stuff.  We'll see if it works.

I’m trying to get creative with this stuff. We’ll see if it works.

So this school thing.  I’m still not feeling it.  But I suppose we’re adjusting.    In the meantime, I’d love suggestions for the most obnoxious pen/marker you can think of.  It can be gaudy, garish, smelly, or sparkly.  I want this teacher to absolutely know that I have eyes on her when I initial her stupid calendar – when she bothers to send it home, that is.


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