FAPEd Crusader

Sorry about before.  I think I needed to blow off some steam filled with sadness, anger, and frustration.  And while my initial instinct was to just try to take some time off from this nonsense, I can’t leave it alone.  My mind picks at the problem.

So what to do when there’s nothing you can physically do?  Research.  Google and I are now cruising the as-of-yet uncharted territory of the “twice exceptional” student – kiddos that have some type of disability but are also gifted.  This is one of those fuzzy genres in which its believed there are lots of kids out there that meet the criteria, but little in the way of formalized strategies.  I suppose that’s good, given the vast number of possible combinations between these worlds.  I’ve been sick of the square peg/round hole phenomenon since day 1.

From what I can gather, we need a damn IEP.  That means I need to put aside my own personal revulsion at the idea of finding that magical disorder which will give us one. I may even have to figure out a way to make Stella seem “worse” than she is for the evaluation.  The 504 seems to be not worth the cheap paper it’s printed on.  Because my hope is that once there is some sort of proof of something being wrong with my kid that’s beyond her control – something that’s not a matter of her choosing – that maybe we can get some real help.  Furthermore, maybe we can find some way for her strengths to be recognized, celebrated, exercised.  All the strategies that I do find suggest that you use their gifts to overcome their challenges.

It’s still a tragedy that it’s necessary to do this – that in order to help my child I have to lay bare her soul in front of people whose professionalism I question with my waking breath every single day.  But my kid is not going to fall through the cracks.  I will be the proverbial pain in the ass, the squeaky wheel, the mother bear.

So my kid doesn’t like partner work.  Candidly, I don’t either.  She makes noise and yells?  SHE’S FIVE.  She won’t sit still?  Probably because you’re a grumpy bitch and she’s bored.  Does anyone care that during a showing of Spongebob one night last week she spontaneously initiated a conversation about air pressure?  No.  I thought not.

So research and plan, plot and scheme.  I will chalk last week up to being really rotten and move ahead to the this one.  I now have no illusions – that this will be a situation that will work itself out or be quickly sorted.  This may take all year.  I have to prepare for the siege.

Free Appropriate Public Education, my ass.  My kid deserves better.

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2 Responses to FAPEd Crusader

  1. Pardon my language, but the teacher sounds like she needs to remove that boot that someone must have shoved far up her ass a long time ago. The way you describe Stella always kind of reminded me of Lilah’s personality (except Stella is way more advanced in terms of reading comprehension), and it saddens me that this is the way that they respond to her. Earlier this year I was getting phone calls because Lilah was hitting her teacher and not being very nice at all, and throwing huge fits. The teacher and I talked about it and she was very understanding and found a way that she could communicate with Lilah. I appreciated the accommodation, and I wish that there were more teachers like that. I’m sorry that you have to deal with this crap.

    • larva225 says:

      Thank you! It has been pretty sad. It sucks that for most of us – except the exorbitantly wealthy – there really is only one model for standard education. I’ve decided that in my perfect world, I would simply hire Stella a private governess. She could learn what she needs to and spend the rest of her time traveling to museums, zoos, and anything else enriching.

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