The Pen is M.I.T.ier Than the Sword

Sorry I’ve been quiet.  It’s been a wild week or so.  We also just got back from our annual beach vacation which we desperately needed as you’ll see.

Beach!!!  And nary a Harpy in sight.

Beach!!! And nary a Harpy in sight.

Annual family selfie at the Purple Octopus

Annual family selfie at the Purple Octopus

We always do Halloween at the beach. This may be my favorite pic ever.

We always do Halloween at the beach. This may be my favorite pic ever.

So, school adjustment has been rocky.  What I’ve learned so far is that we really did just draw the shortest straw possible with the Harpy.  I’ve now had a chance to hobnob with other parents – past and current – and this woman is universally panned.  Stella’s behavior charts are now almost entirely green.  I’ll be very interested to see A) what her first progress report will show, and B) what the feedback will be in our next conference.  It’s not yet scheduled, but you’d better believe it’s coming….

As for hobnobbing, this is occurring with nauseating frequency because of the high level of events and tasks that are thrust upon us.  Let’s see – what’s happened so far (not even including conferences and phone calls, of which there have been plenty)? Open house, 2 fundraisers, 4 days off school, 1 random early dismissal, “wildlife warrior week” –during which each day required a special something or the crafting of something else – a field trip, another field trip for next week which I just found out about, and….drum roll please, college day this Friday with Moonlight Garden Madness that night.

I AM EXHAUSTED.  It’s only been 9 bloody weeks.  Seriously.  College day????  We had to have a pennant decorated for today and the kids are supposed to be in college spirit-wear for Friday.  Worst of all, this pennant?  They sent home a stupid flimsy paper triangle.  I suck at arts and crafts and Will was too busy to help.  We don’t do college sports.  We don’t do sports, period.  Stella wouldn’t know a college if she ran a bus into one.  This is nonsense.

Yeah, YOU try getting burgundy out of this crap....

Yeah, YOU try getting maroon out of this crap….

But you can’t not do it.  It becomes more of a parental pissing contest than it does anything the kids enjoy or understand – at least at the kindergarten level.  When I asked Stella what she wanted to be when she grew up, she replied “ballerina.”  Well Juilliard didn’t have T-shirts I could order online for under $50 which would arrive in time for Friday.  MIT did.  MIT it is.  She likes science.  So last night I was mixing fluorescent Crayola washable paint colors trying to achieve something resembling maroon.  I suck at this stuff.  Sorry, MIT.  I would be totally ecstatic if one/both of my kids end up there. At least the T-shirt is cute and professional.  So Stella will be spirit-like on Friday. And the pennant may be marginally better than the “Possum Princess” mask I threw together in 30 minutes for wildlife warrior week.  At least I used an actual picture for my glitter-glue and pompom helium atom.

Sorry, MIT.  Please don't disqualify my children based on the craft faux pas of their mother.

Sorry, MIT. Please don’t disqualify my children based on the craft faux pas of their mother.

But we’re not going to some damn Moonlight Garden Madness thing.  Will has to work.  I will have both kids.  And you know what?  It’s a damn fundraiser.  At this point, I’ve given enough time and money for my kid to go to kindergarten.

So to you schools and educators out there:  I know your resources are thin.  I get it. I want to be involved.  I want to help.   But I have to work.  I have a full-time job.  I have another child to care for. My children require baths and meals at night.  I cannot be a full-time kindergarten mom.  When did sending a kid to elementary school become so complicated and time-consuming?  When did it require 2 weeks of leave during the school year – not counting real holidays?

(As an aside, I’ve decided to harness my angst for the power of evil.  Since the Harpy has been less-than-delightful, I shall send the most sugary, messiest, and obnoxious snack I can think of when it’s our turn again in 2 weeks.  Pinterest is showing me the way.  She will pay.  Oh yes.)


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2 Responses to The Pen is M.I.T.ier Than the Sword

  1. The pennant is freaking adorable! Anyway, I think it’s great to be involved in your kid’s education and everything, but that seems like overkill participation.

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