Lesson Than Zero

It happens every October: we get scheduled to within an inch of our lives.  We go from having absolutely nothing to do in August to a fairly active September to a crush of activity in October.  I wish there was some way to spread it out so we could do more. Last weekend we boo’d at the zoo and had a Halloween-y/science-y play date.  This weekend will be mad.  So mad, in fact, that I’ve had to draft a surrogate parent to help  me take the kids to a haunted swamp hike.  We’re doing a special surprise activity tomorrow, and Sunday, after a birthday party (at Chuck E Cheese *groaning*) we’ll try to hit a historic museum’s Halloween gig.  Hell, we’re so busy we haven’t even had a chance to carve our pumpkin.

Zoo train selfie.  Damn.  I may need one of those stupid sticks.

Zoo train selfie. Damn. I may need one of those stupid sticks.

Science princesses

Science princesses

Introducing Princess Captain America and Regular Captain America.

Introducing Princess Captain America and Regular Captain America.

And then there’s the more mundane stuff, but stuff that needs to be done nonetheless.  Just yesterday we took both children to get their flu shots.  Yeah, that sucked.  That sucked bad.  Stella now knows what you’re doing.  And despite the fact that she’ll start laughing as soon as it’s over, she’ll holler and caterwaul up to that point.  And of course you’re back there waiting for 30 minutes while she screams and cries and Felix climbs the walls chattering about wheels and sticks and suckers.

I blame Daniel Tiger and those stupid episodes about shots.  My kid used to be a shot boss.  Now she’s afraid BECAUSE DANIEL TIGER TOLD HER TO BE.  Stick it up your ass, Daniel Tiger.  Thanks for using the Force on my kid and implanting dark thoughts and fears.  You’re an asshole.

Stella has been improving at school, or at least I think she has been.  We continue to monitor and chart absolutely everything.  I’ve also taken to drawing little cartoon characters based on “issues” we’re having on our white board every morning with encouraging messages.  She loves it.  She gets angry if there’s not a new drawing and message before school every day.  Her favorites are the Happy Un-Scary Potty (don’t ask) and The Incomplete.  The problem is I cannot draw.  I suck.  It’s painful.  If only I had time, I’d take some art lessons.

Who am I kidding?  I’d take a nap.


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3 Responses to Lesson Than Zero

  1. cicorm says:

    Beautiful family and funny post! So busy, perhaps the kids can share their positive and fun thoughts for the white board too? 🙂

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Such precious babies!

    And on the first picture, I thought, “Dang, the people behind her sure are cheesing for someone else’s picture.” *facepalm* 😀

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