I may soon need some medication for anxiety.  I simply cannot keep drinking boxes of wine to relax.  In addition to the usual stress – work, housework, meals, laundry, doctor appointments, dance classes, oh yeah and I’m being deposed at work – we’re now running into holidays.  While fun, these are bringing new varieties of stress that I’ve not yet had to endure.

For instance Halloween: I have 2 kids.  Duh.  Now they’re at different schools.  And of course each school is having special events.  This does not compute.  I cannot possible be 2 places at once.  This stresses me out and breaks my heart.  Do I skip Felix’s?  Stella – we’re learning the hard way – does not do well when other parents are there and we/I are/am not.  Felix seems more easy-going.  But he’s my little bitty dude.  My last baby.  What in the hell do you do?

And then some brainiac decided that Stella’s school should have “grandparents’ day.”  That’s well and good but on this particular occasion, Stella will not have an available grandparent within 1,000 miles.  Will she flip out?  Should one of us go as a surrogate?  I just don’t know.  On days like that, I wish I could just bring her to the office with me and avoid it.

I know this only gets harder and more complicated.  Parents of more than one kid: how do you do it?????  I need hints that don’t involve alcohol or pharmaceuticals.

It does seem terrifying sometimes!

It does seem terrifying sometimes!


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8 Responses to Hasslemania

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Unfortunately, my solution has been either not going to anything during the school day or letting each kid pick one event (usually a field trip) once a year. It sucks, but it’s reality and it’s even. 😛

  2. NickyB. says:

    I think we both need a vacation!!!

  3. Anxious Mom says:

    Ugh that sucks. My two are spaced out 6 years apart so it will be a while before we run into this. Good luck!

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