Sorry.  I know I’ve been a really horrible blogger lately.  All I can say is it’s been busy.  No excuse.  Hopefully things will be a bit more quiet now through Xmas and I can get a bit more regular.  Infuse my brain and keyboard with some prune juice or something.

So yeah, it’s Xmas season officially.  We went camping for Thanksgiving.  It was actually pretty awesome.  I have to admit, I had been a bit depressed the past few years on Thanksgiving; that had always been “my”holiday with my mom, and when she stopped coming in town, it just wasn’t the same.  This year, it was completely different and on my own terms.  Maybe it was the woods and the lake. 





   Either way, we rolled back home Friday, unpacked, rolled back out, and got our Xmas tree.  It was nice.  It’s also my first live tree in umpteen years, as well as the first time I’ve put out all of my good stuff in about 12 years, since the 3 stupid cats started unleashing Xmas jihad on it.  The first/last time I decorated with them present, they knocked the tree over in under 5 hours.   Since then, it’s been all plastic.  Now, they’re too old and fat to exert themselves.  Win for me.  

  Edit  Now we’re racing toward the Xmas finish line.  All the decorating is done, most of the shopping is done, cards are out.  We can relax and enjoy the fun stuff: parades and light shows, ugly Xmas cookies, Crispi coming into town.  It would be really nice if only I could kick whatever crappy illness I’ve had for the past 5 damn weeks.  I’m coughing so much I may end up with abs of steel.  Seriously.  My whole body aches from coughing.  Ricola drops have become a major food group. Sucks. 

And then I feel bad for bitching about a cough.  One of my best friends from college just lost her life partner of the past 7+ years.  In January he had trouble swallowing.  They took him to the doc and *boom!*  Esophageal cancer.  He didn’t last a year.  She’s devastated.  I wish I could make her feel better, especially this time of year.  So hug your loved ones out there.  This man was young. It shouldn’t have happened.

The kids are cracked out.  Ever since camping, they haven’t slept right.  The return of getting up in the middle of the night/waking at 4:00 AM is also not helping my body get healthy.  Little creeps.

Felix is a hoot.  That’s all I can say about my sweet little dude.  He’s starting to get willful.  That’s to be expected. 

 Stella is always Stella.  She thinks she can whistle now.  It’s really this awful high-pitched squeaking she makes in the back of her throat at appalling volume.  She refuses to accept that whistling and throat-squeaking are very different things.  She’s also starting showing some serious sass.  I’m getting a lot of “I don’t love you anymore” bullshit when I tell her no about something.  I thought that came later?  She’s lucky I have a good sense of humor. 

 Anyway, I’ll try to do better – write more, and read more.  I haven’t even had a chance to check out my blog buddies’ work.  Sorry about that.



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