The Rat in the Hat

Despite not attending a myriad of Xmas activities due to fatigue, illness, or just not feeling it, I did want my kids to see Santa.  Fortunately, a local bank – of all things – put on a free Santa event.  Score!  Best of all, it was close to home and nowhere near a shopping hub.  So off we went on Saturday morning.  We arrived kind of late, so we missed much of the music and refreshments.  But Stella and Felix were the only kids there, so we got lots of time and attention.

I’m pretty lucky, I suppose, that neither of my kids have ever exhibited Santa Terror. (The twisted part of me is kind of bummed about that, as those can be some hilarious pictures!)  Both of them marched right up and sat down.  Felix was a tad shy, but only for a moment.  Stella acted as group spokeswoman.  First she gave her own orders; she wants a doll that snacks (one of those globawful Snacking Sarah Baby Alive things that looks as if it should be sold in an adult store), sparkly shoes, and Pie Face, a game whereupon you get cream pies thrown at your face.  No comment.

See how good I've been??

See how good I’ve been??

Santa then asked Felix what he wanted.  Before he could utter “McQueen” Stella told Santa he could just bring Felix “some cars.”  But she wanted Santa to understand that Felix kept taking the ornaments off the tree.

"And he picks his nose, too."

“And he picks his nose, too.”

Fortunately Felix's natural charm undid any damage.

Fortunately Felix’s natural charm undid any damage.

She just totally threw her brother under the holiday bus.

The next day during lunch at Oui Oui’s house, Stella made sure everyone knew of Felix’s penchant for undecorating.  You know, just in case someone was looking for an excuse not to shop for her brother.

I won't forget this, Stella.

I won’t forget this, Stella.

‘Tis the season for tattling and keeping score.

Aaaaand a holiday Precious plucked from a cousin's tree. Stella had a point....

Aaaaand a holiday Precious plucked from a cousin’s tree. Stella had a point….



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2 Responses to The Rat in the Hat

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Precious! Merry Christmas to y’all!

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