Like a Phoenix Rising From the Trashes

This is it.  The end of another calendar year and holiday season.  In the usual fashion, this week has rocketed by.  Let’s see what happened:

  • Crispi and I had a rather impromptu mother/daughter day in New Orleans.  I really like going there with her, as I go places I wouldn’t usually go with Will.  We had an amazing lunch at a foodie-type place – Johnny Sanchez: the brainchild of chefs John Besh and Aaron Sanchez.  All I can say is damn!  It was so good.  They mixed in crispy fried bacon with the tortilla chips.  That corn…. They could air drop that the Westboro Baptist Church and they would instantly be so happy they’d forget all about bitching about gay people.  It was magic. 

    Me in front of the beautiful “tattoo wall” at the restaurant


    Crispi- already happy and she hasn’t even had the corn yet. You know damn well I took food pix, but I’ll spare you.


    We learned quickly that my mother sucks at selfies. This is one of mine in Jackson Square. The statue behind us might not be there much longer.

  • Yesterday I stripped 2 massive Xmas trees and put that shit away.  That’s satisfying but exhausting.  I still have to haul ours outside for trash/recycling.  Speaking of… 

    As glad as I am to clear the Xmas clutter, I always get a bit maudlin looking at a bare tree.

  • Thanks to an old college friend living in that part of the world, I became aware of a garbage crisis in Beirut this fall.  Hell, it may still be happening.  I Googled it, but you know…. Anyway, thanks to 2 consecutive weeks of Friday holidays causing the cessation of our usual pick-up days, we’re having a bit of a crisis ourselves. I’m having to get creative.  The kids are doing their part, playing in 2 huge “trash boxes” full of random packing material that I otherwise have no place to put.  I may have to start my own incineration program.
  • Yesterday I picked up the dude from school for the last day of the year.  He was sitting at a table, brilliantly sparkly and crying like his heart was broken.  Ms. T (Stella’s former teacher and Felix’s future teacher who I adore) had made glitter balloons.  She filled empty balloons with glitter before inflating them and popping them, sending sparkles flying.  Wonderful – and messy- idea.  But for Felix?  You guessed it.  The balloons became Preciouses.  Every time Ms. T popped one, his heart broke.  He got over it once I got him to the car, but I have no clue how to remove the glitter from his scalp. 

    This picture does not begin to capture my son’s gleaming scalp.


I think that’s it – the highlights.  I have a good feeling about 2016.  Here in Louisiana we’re about to get a new governor after spending 8 years under an asshat who was doing nothing but padding his resume and preparing to run -badly- for president.  Will and I have some good plans to finally start getting our home in order.  No more being the neighborhood rednecks.  We’re scheduling support time with Oui Oui and everything so that we can really attack things together without having 2 kids underfoot.  Stella is halfway through what has been a tumultuous first year.  No doubt I’ll have more to say about that later.  As John Paul Jones said, “I have not yet begun to fight.”  Best of all, I’m gathering allies.  Will has 6+ months under his belt in a wonderful new career path -IT.  And Felix is just a wonderful, charming little dude.

To all of you out there, thanks for stopping by to read and comment. I appreciate each and every one of you.  I wish you all a safe, sane, happy, and healthy new year. 

Final morning of 2015 quietly reading – for about 3 minutes.


Felix has deconstructed a train track set he got, and is “decorating” the coffee table. These bits WILL cause a foot puncture or 2 before lunch.



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