Cave New World

On the heels of the annual great Xmas purge, Will and I used the general chaos and momentum to finally move Will out of his office/man cave in order to give the kids their own room.  We had tried to do it before the holidays but  it just didn’t happen.  As usual nothing was simple: Oui Oui got sick.  I was sick.  Kids were underfoot until Sunday afternoon when Oui Oui felt well enough to take them so we could shift furniture.  The dust was horrendous.  I’m still sick from that.

At last – after months of scheming and “one day”-ing – the kids slept separately in their own rooms Sunday night.  It’s been great.  They seem pretty excited about it.  I’m excited that at any given time there are no more than a handful of toys in my living room.  My home no longer resembles a daycare center.

Felix immediately began exploring his expanded territory.

Felix immediately began exploring his expanded territory.

More space!!

More space!!

There is still lots to do.  I’m ready to take our Xmas money and finally get some adult-like furniture.  For 5 years we’ve had this awful coffee table, complete with missing drawer (the emotional pee-er of the 3 Stupid Cats peed in it one day and it had to be turfed) and rubber bumpers screwed into the corners.

It feels good.  It also felt good to ship everyone off to school and work where they’re supposed to be.  Honestly, I was terrified for Stella.  Her behavior over the holidays was pretty awful.  I predicted a whole lot of red dots and nasty comments for at least a week or two.  Nope.  My girl has toed the line and is acting better at home to boot.  I think, like me, she may have just had enough of Togetherness.  Too much Togetherness is not a good thing.



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5 Responses to Cave New World

  1. rachelwhims says:

    sounds like us. We’ve all been sick and I still have so much left over Christmas clutter and organizing to do. I should probably be working on that now, but…you know…blog life. 🙂

  2. cookie1986 says:

    Jesus, I’ve had enough togetherness over the holidays to last me a lifetime!

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