Fruit of the Loon

When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, I got loads of comments such as “Just wait.  Boys are so much _______ than girls.”  Insert any descriptor you like, but the most comments were rowdy, loud, rambunctious, destructive, ravenous, or gross.  Honestly, Stella was so damn loud, rowdy, and gross that I could not imagine that a boy could be “worse.”  For the most part, I was right.  Stella is louder in general.  She’s just as rough and tumble.  Felix has always been my “easier” kid.  Up until recently, that is.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that he’s exhibiting bad behavior, or at least not all of the time.  He certainly has developed a habit of running up to me and smacking me repeatedly.  It’s obviously a sign of adoration.  (I mean that.  I’m not being a smart ass.)  He also loves to pinch those he’s overly fond of.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Then there’s the recent increase in spitting.  Anything is fair game, whether it be actual saliva, pineapple, powdered sugar, milk, water, blueberries, or apple.  Stella did that, too.  Felix likes to paint in it.  Spitting it on the floor and dancing in it is even better.  I went into the kids’ bathroom the other day to check on Stella in the tub and he had covered a 4 X 6’ section of floor with spit and chocolate milk.  It only took him seconds.

His evening shenanigans have been quite inventive this week. (My Facebook friends will have to forgive me, as I made a couple of posts about this over there.)  One night he called me into his room chattering about “cottonmama.”  What the hell is “cottonmama” you ask?  Cottonmama is  what you get when you eviscerate a pillow in the middle of your bed (in the dark!!) and then decorate it with a portion of your monster truck collection.  The next night was different.  He came and climbed into bed with us, which was odd.  I had a huge work thing the next day, so I just went with it in favor for being well-rested.  When I went in his room the next morning I discovered why our bed was more desirable.  He had upended his entire bag of bristle blocks in the middle of his mattress.  I guess that’ll do it.  Last night he became quite angry with me when I refused to give him the bristle block  bag before he went to bed.  Both of these examples were done in absolute silence.  He’s like a ninja-clown hybrid.

No wonder he got in our bed.

No wonder he got in our bed.

In all seriousness, I don’t think the silliness at night or the spitting/milk mopping has anything to do with gender.  I think he’s just a silly little dude.  Sure, he’s obnoxious some times.  He’s a little kid.  He’s also a remarkable little human being.

His daddy is pretty strange, too, now that you mention it....

His daddy is pretty strange, too, now that you mention it….

P.S. Can a kid eat too much fruit?  I swear Felix eats more fruit than I would think would be possible.  We’re talking 4 mandarin oranges, a banana, and an apple in one sitting.  He’d eat 2 cans of pineapple at once if I’d let him.  I’m always afraid he’s going to crap himself to death.  This is also no doubt part of the reason he’s a total string-bean.


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One Response to Fruit of the Loon

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Haha those people would love to meet Baby Girl. She hits, bites, spits, makes huge messes on purpose, etc. where Little Man never did any of those things!

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