Fruit of Armor

We all survived the long weekend.  Fortunately, Oui Oui volunteered to host the kids yesterday afternoon.  Will and I didn’t really do anything.  We should have; there is tons to do around the house/yard.  But we were both just kind of tired.

It is hard being an introverted person in a household full of extroverts – particularly when 2 of those are young children.  My children are loud.  Very loud.  And they’re always in motion.  If I’m sitting on the couch, they want to be near/on me.  It’s sweet, but they CANNOT SIT STILL.  I get buffeted continuously.  By the end of a typical weekend I feel like I’ve been battered by sound and touch.  The marines could have used my children back in Panama when they were trying to dislodge Noriega.  And after 4 days of it?

Those are moments when I feel like a horrible mom for becoming so short-tempered.  My kids aren’t doing anything at all “wrong.”  They’re just being little boisterous wonderful children.  If I could get just one hour a day of alone/recharge time, it would be so much better.  But that’s just not usually possible.  I try to explain it to Will but he doesn’t get it.  Extroverts just don’t.

In any case, I am grateful that there are no more holidays coming up.  I need some serious quiet/office time for a while.  I hate being away from my kids but I’m a better mother when I can be.  Maybe that’s wrong.  But it’s also why I drove to work giggling.  As I was putting my stuff together getting ready to leave I heard Stella say “I want to be a fruit ninja when I grow up.”  That’s hilarious.  I’m so proud.

Future  engineer and fruit ninja at your service!

Future engineer and fruit ninja at your service!

Felix - contemplating his future

Felix – contemplating his future

Maybe a pilot?  A welder?

Maybe a pilot? A welder?

Felix?  Who knows.  That kid is a trip.  And I can really laugh at all of it, here in the solitude and safety of my office.  Even about the episode on Monday afternoon when he tried to use a plastic bin full of large rectangular holes as a cup for his chocolate milk and then screamed when it didn’t work and his milk was spilled and his clothes were wet and take them off take them off my milk my milk.  Yeah, that shit’s funny today.

This does not make a great vessel to drink from.

This does not make a great vessel to drink from.  It’s also now in the trash.


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