Iron (-on) Maiden

I think I talked about how dance lessons imploded this year for Stella.  She had wanted to take lessons again.  I had wanted her to take lessons again.  It just didn’t work out.  But with some of her difficulties and behaviors, I really wanted to find some other kind of extracurricular activity to participate in.  Enter Daisy Scouting.

The ladies were awesome, allowing us to join mid-year.  Stella gets to wear her cute little Daisy uniform every Tuesday instead of that wretched school uniform.  As soon as the dismissal bell rings, the girls assemble for a quick snack and run around the playground and then it’s meeting time.  It’s Girl Scouts Lite, as I like to think of it.

I have actually sort of been folded up in the troop.  As a matter of fact, I think I’m co-leader unofficially for the rest of this year, and I’ve been nominated to be co-leader  next year.  I actually love it.  The girls are really sweet and completely silly.  It started by me attending just to make sure Stella adjusted ok and didn’t show her butt.  The regular leader is fantastic, but it seemed like she had her hands full and welcomed my help.  Now I show up every Tuesday and collect my Daisies, herding them outside and opening snacks.

Getting "invested" by saying the promise.

Getting “invested” by saying the promise.

What’s funny is the patch angst.  Just like regular Girl Scouts and Brownies, the Daisies earn patches.  It’s all rather easy stuff, but the girls love it.  The grown ups?  They seem to hate patches.  You can practically hear the collective groan when a patch comes home. There is a raging debate as to whether the patches should be applied as iron-ons or by sewing.  It’s agreed that sewing is a more permanent solution, but most of them/us have little sewing skills.  More than one of my Daisies is running around with shiny patches of adhesive where a patch or petal used to be.

I chose to iron on Stella’s, and I did a kick-ass job.  That shit isn’t going anywhere.  I am an ironing champion, apparently.  Well, for patches, anyway.  If there was a patch/badge for ironing, I’d earn it.

I am a beast with an iron. Apparently.

I am a beast with an iron. Apparently.


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