So here in Louisiana we’ve spent most of the last 24 hours preparing for the apocalypse.  We were supposed to have rain, wind, hail, sandstorms, tornados, lava bombs, dense fog, and screaming toads.  This weather was supposed to be so bad, so epic, that by 8:00 last night they had cancelled all public – and probably private- schools in the area.  By 11:00 AM today, all colleges as well as state and city workers were sent home.

You know what?  It’s raining.  For most of the area, we’ve had a typical afternoon of showers. Now to be fair, a locality to our south did take some tornado damage.  But most of us have spent the day waiting for a doom which never manifested. It’s been like hurricane season but without the liquor and breezes.

I do not envy officials that have to make these calls – to lose a day of work/school/operations on a “might happen” basis.  I’m also hopeful that if something gnarly rolls through, that no one gets hurt and that any damage is minimal.  

But here?  It’s been a long long day of togetherness.  Felix has decided lately that naps are passé.  This makes him an asshole by about 2:30.  Either as a result of Felix’s behavior or to egg it on, Stella starts snatching Preciouses away resulting in loads of yelling – Felix’s, mine, and Stella’s, when I threaten her with time out for being a jerk-face. 

 Please, glob, let me make it to 4:00 before I get into the wine. 

By 7:00 AM, the dude was pretending his grapes were “teeny tiny cannon balls,” and launching them throughout the house.


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2 Responses to Waitlifting

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    I think the grape cannon is hilarious! I love seeing children who aren’t mine being so creative 😀

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