The Pills Have Eyes

I recently took the plunge and joined the ranks of the  Medicated People.   Typically I don’t want or need this kind of thing, and it was kind of hard asking for it.  But I realized lately that everything feels so difficult sometimes when it shouldn’t.  I end up feeling worn out when I shouldn’t.  My fuse is shorter than it should be.  I’m yelling at my children more than I would ever want to.

Sure, my life has challenges.  We all do.  I have a job that has been extra bonkers lately.  I have 2 very boisterous young children.  My daughter has had some developmental issues and perhaps ADHD.  My husband has ADHD and is therefore often unavailable mentally to help.  My cats puke on everything.  My house is a disaster.  My husband and I get little time together.  I get very little time to/for myself.

But there’s a lot of wonderful stuff, too.  I have a job.  I have 2 wonderful energetic children.  My daughter at 5 and in kindergarten is reading at at least a 3rd grade level.  My little boy is as sweet and silly as ever a boy has been.  I have a husband with a good heart.  We stay busy. 

Looking so grown up since cutting her mermaid hair.


One of Felix’s “machines” that he builds and elaborately stages around the house.

  See?  Usually I can shift my perception to keep things balanced and not step into the canyon of doom.  Usually I can find the humor in just about anything, even if it’s horribly inappropriate.  It’s just been harder lately.

Hopefully modern chemistry can help me out for a while until I can blow the wind back into my own sails.  Now where is my glass of water?



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2 Responses to The Pills Have Eyes

  1. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Better living through chemistry! Welcome! Also, love Stella ‘ haircut.

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