Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydrant

Since Stella is in “big school,” she has loads more activities – parties, scouting- than Felix currently does.  Sometimes he’s able to tag along, but often it isn’t possible.  I always feel bad for him, sitting home with a parent while his sister is out bouncing, playing, and enjoying cake.

This morning, Will and Stella were out on their monthly daddy-daughter trip to Home Depot for the kids’ workshop.  Felix is too young.  Since it was a beautiful morning, I thought we’d take a stroll through the neighborhood.

Those of you that have kept up with my ramblings know that Felix can be a bit of a hoarder.  He collects things and makes them Precious.  Within 5 minutes he had accumulated a fistful of pine straw, a giant ass palm frond, and 3 pine cones.  He kept demanding I help carry some so he could pick up more.  I declined.  You know, enabling and all. 

I was starting to sweat about the return home.  What if he planned to bring his hoard inside?  That was not going to happen.  Fortunately I was saved by another passion of his: fire hydrants.  I was able to convince them that the hydrant gods required offerings to make them happy.  We visited the altars of three different hydrants.  All received gifts of pine cones, pine straw, and sticks.  The neighbors probably think we’re batshit.  But at least my living room rug doesn’t look like a forest floor. 



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2 Responses to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydrant

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    This made me laugh so hard, the fire hydrant gods!!! Little Man is something of a hoarder too and has “collections.” He has bins and shoeboxes full of rocks, seashells, pinecones, etc. from over the past few years. It’s insane.

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