Abstain On My Conscience

I’m a voter.  Since I turned 18, I have voted in every presidential primary and election.  I usually vote in all of the smaller elections, particularly when the governor, mayor, or senate or house seat is up for grabs. Hell, more often than not I vote early.   Our primary was Saturday.  I just couldn’t do it.

I’m not going to get political.  I promise.  I’m not going to bash one side or the other.  I’m not going to celebrate one side or the other.  What I AM going to do is lament a situation whereby there is no good candidate.  Again.  4 years ago, I held my nose and voted for the least offensive candidate, hoping things would change for the better in the next cycle.  Nope.  It’s freaking worse.  Somehow, it’s way worse.

You can harpoon me for not exercising my right to vote.  I get it.  But what’s so great about voting for someone you just don’t believe in? Someone who isn’t “presidential?”  Someone who has not demonstrated trustworthiness?  Should you vote for someone just to potentially block another candidate?  Or should you vote for the person that has the greatest potential to beat the other side in the final election?

Those are shitty reasons to vote.  Really, really shitty.  So as shitty as I feel for not voting – and I do feel bad about that – I just chose not to participate.

So yeah.  I feel completely disenfranchised.  And I know I’m not alone, by any means.  And I will vote in the fall.  I will hold my nose and once again vote for the  lesser of whatever evils shake out of the primaries and conventions.  But dammit, people.  Let’s lose the lunatic fringes on both sides of the aisle next time, ok?


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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