The Green Smile

By now you’re familiar with Stella’s kindergarten teacher, the Harpy.  While things have improved since the beginning of the school year, they are far from ideal.  From being told my daughter reads at an “inappropriately high reading level,” to the dreaded red dots, to the digs about Stella not actually comprehending what she’s reading (despite quiz scores of 100% which are not typically even given to kindergarteners), it has been a tough go. Lately I’ve just sort of been zen about it.  We’ve survived most of the year.  I’ve had assurances that greater care will be taken in Stella’s placement next year.  We’re pushing forward with the ADHD diagnosis, hopefully opening more doors for help and options.  I’ve felt a quiet kind of acceptance.  Until a few days ago.

While Will and I were furniture shopping on Sunday, the kids spent the afternoon at Oui Oui’s house.  Like most kiddos, Stella loves to report about the minutiae of her day to day life.  She told Oui Oui something that made us both sad. Stella said that the Harpy didn’t smile at her.  

This may sound stupid to most of you, but picking up on facial cues has not always been a strong suit for my daughter.  The fact that she notices is significant.  Sure, I had been told the Harpy doesn’t like to be hugged, kissed, or touched.  I can somewhat understand that.  But smiling? 

If she does smile, I imagine it looks rather like this.

 I had noticed during carpool that this woman wasn’t as friendly as the other teachers.  The other ladies smile, sing, and joke while they help the kids in the car.  Not the Harpy.  At least not with my kid.

Yesterday when I picked my daughter up, one of the first things she reported was that the Harpy only smiled at her once the entire day.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted turn my car around and jump that bitch in the parking lot like a gangsta. 

Mental health professionals talk about “silent violence:” when people use the silent treatment as a punishment when they’re angry with someone.  Somehow this feels ok since there’s no yelling, screaming, or name calling.  But it’s not.  As far as I’m concerned, what this woman is doing is on par with that.

I still hate sending my child to school with this monster every day.  I hate to think of all of the other kids – 5 and 6 year old little kids- she’s not smiled at in her 25 year career.  I also plan on having a very candid discussion with the principal before the end of the school year.  

Sweet kids deserve so much better!

 Say “cheese,” bitch. 

This will be my expression as I report this person – all Joker/Gotham.


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3 Responses to The Green Smile

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    Jeez, sounds like she picked the wrong career choice. I hope Stella gets a better teacher next year! LM’s teacher has been harping on his reading comprehension. He’s also well above grade level with his texts, but she said his reading comprehension hasn’t improved at all. Baffling, as I haven’t seen a shred of evidence of that at home or so much as a quiz sent home.

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