Hate Is Enough

So how was your weekend?  Mine was colorful.  My daughter told me she hated me for the first time ever.  She stood at the base of our driveway and screamed it to the heavens.  Then she immediately felt bad and took it back.  But seriously?  at 5 years old?  I don’t remember telling my mother anything like that until I was at least twice that age.   Felix, too.  He didn’t say he hated me, but he kept trying to flog me with throw pillows while shouting “I’m angry!”

To be fair, it was just one of those weekends.  We didn’t have much going on.  Will was working a lot.  The weather was  crappy the first half.  The kids were bored.  And I’m pretty sure someone slipped them some cocaine when I wasn’t looking.

When they weren’t showing their asses in my general direction, they were giving each other what-for.  They brawled and squabbled all weekend long.  It was like a professional wrestling match, only lacking a cage and a folding chair.  There was biting, hair pulling, name calling, trash talking.  Felix tried to bash his sister in the head with a toy doctor’s kit.  Luckily, she stood up at the last second, so what would have been a nice head shot caught her in the butt cheek instead.

I know it's blurry, but this may be one of the best pictures of my children.

I know it’s blurry, but this may be one of the best pictures of my children.

This is like on Game of Thrones, when the Mountain put out Oberyn Martell's eyes...

This is like on Game of Thrones, when the Mountain put out Oberyn Martell’s eyes…

Aaaaaand a choke hold

Aaaaaand a choke hold

Action shot

Action shot

And sticking the landing

And sticking the landing

I tried to referee for a while then gave up.  I buried myself in my iPhone and hoped we would get nothing worse than a  bruise or fat lip.

Maybe I’ll boil our Easter eggs in chamomile tea next weekend.


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9 Responses to Hate Is Enough

  1. Cookie says:

    This could have very easily been a day in the life of my house. Could you imagine if grown ups did this kind of shit when we hung out?

  2. Sometimes it’s just best to quit being the referee and let them figure it out. Too bad kids can’t just go out these days and get some of that nervous energy out.

  3. Aww, what a weekend. I know it had to hurt hearing that. Sounds like you’re dealing with some serious mommy drama, but you’re handling it well 🙂

  4. Anxious Mom says:

    Oh my goodness they really were at it! I haven’t quite got “I hate you” yet, although Little Man did once tell me that he’d thought it a few times while angry with me.

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