House of Paint

In yet another bittersweet moment, it was time to repaint the nursery.  Stella moved out back in January when Will finally gave up his ManCave.  After that initial move, the rooms have stayed the same; in Stella’s case, rather blah. In Felix’s case, rather infantile.

Since Stella got the “new,” bigger room, I opted to start with Felix’s room.  He had already been given some wall decals, but I had to kill the polka dots.   

Ginormous pregnant me admiring my freshly-painted dots



It was initially rather sad in the “I’m never having another baby” way.  But 2 coats of Kilz later, the blue paint that Felix picked out himself at Home Depot (with limits, of course) went on.

He was so, so happy. 

The reveal…

 Stella was not. She is already picking out what she wants for her room, including an undersea theme.  She doesn’t get that her mother’s skills will not facilitate that.  Thank glob for decals. Good thing I kept my roller handy.


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6 Responses to House of Paint

  1. Cookie says:

    Nice job, momma. And Congratulations on never having another babyhood!

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Nice! And yes, thank god for the decals. I did Baby Girl’s room with an owl theme and stuck those decals everywhere. Much nicer than LM’s first room, which was yellow and no theme.

  3. brutallymummy says:

    He looks so happy with it. Nice job πŸ™‚

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