Tools Rush In

Ah, cosleeping.  As a parent, you either love it or hate it.  I never minded it, and did it with both kids for years.  I was even sad when each kid finally started sleeping more independently.  It was like the end of a chapter.  That being said, I must say I wouldn’t necessarily go back to having a kid in bed (or couch) with me for 5+ hours a night.  Children’s wee little knees and elbows are charming – more so when they’re not in your gut or face.

In any case, I still get limited opportunity to cuddle up and doze with them. On those days when they still insist on rising before 5 AM, I try to grab whichever child and drag them on to the couch with me.  It usually works.  It gets hairier when they’re both up and about, as both of them want mom.  The new furniture has complicated this a bit; with the old sectional, I could cram all 3 of us on.  Now, I have to sell Stella on how the love seat is the perfect little-girl couch. I feel slightly guilty about that, but laying down with her is like being in a sleeping bag with a prize fighter: you get buffetted constantly.  Felix is nicer to sleep with – when he’s alone, that is.

I’ve written quite a bit about his nighttime Precious habits (  When I moved his bed recently to paint, it was like a damn magpie’s nest.  Coins, paper clips, teeny tiny blocks, cool slinky, all manner of things fell out. 

This morning, the dude decided that 4:30 was a good time to rise and shine.  I begged to differ, of course. I swiftly left my bedroom, intent on sweeping my son up and doing a gentle tackle on the couch.  That’s when I heard a thunking sound.  He had spent the night canoodled up with his wooden tool box.

I know.  I can’t think of a more cuddly bed mate.

He wasn’t about to jettison this thing, so I spent about an hour trying to doze with my son and his toolbox.  Cozy. 



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7 Responses to Tools Rush In

  1. I was thinking just today I can’t imagine this phase ending and will my 2 and 3 year old always want to sleep with us…? Glad and sad in equal measure to hear that it does, I have definitely been sleep trained by my two, never thought I would be a co-sleeper before having kids!

    • larva225 says:

      I know!! Part of it initially was survival – I don’t care where anyone sleeps as long as they sleep. Then it becomes/became something else.

      • Exactly the same here – it was like “Wow we can sleep afterall” now it’s our normal and no big deal. Everything’s a phase afterall the phases just get longer until we are stuck in our ways grownups!

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Haha a toolbox, Felix sure keeps things interesting. LM crashed with us last night. I think I woke up every thirty minutes to move him and his sharp knees and elbows away from me.

  3. Sounds like our sleeping habits, how adorable is that face!

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