Fankenstein’s Monster

As I indicated a couple of blogs ago, my kids – particularly Felix – have been getting in touch with their more aggressive selves lately. Stella has chosen strictly the verbal warpath:  she hates me, I’m not her best friend, she’ll NEVER be nice to me. That sort of thing.  

Felix has been a bit more physical. Even when he’s happy, I get clotheslined and tackled.  He just gets so excited to see me.  I will never ever in my whole life have someone who adores me more than my little boy does now.

But when he’s grumpy, boy is he grumpy.  He shouts.  He growls. He uses his words (sometimes).  Whenever I try to get him to go somewhere or do something he just doesn’t want to do, I’m met with a furious spitting of “No fank you!”

Do you want to go home?  No FANK you. 

 Do you want to take a bath? No FANK you. 

 I suppose I should be grateful he’s polite? 


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3 Responses to Fankenstein’s Monster

  1. Cookie says:

    I think it’s adorable that he’s pronouncing ” No Fuck you” that way……That is what he means, right?

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