You Do the Chokey-Pokey and You Turn Yourself Around

My Daisies are working on safety, or at least the requirements for their pins.  Since we’re talking kindergartners, restraint must be shown.  They’re a bit young for CPR and any kind of first aid beyond opening up a box of Band Aids.  safety1

There were 2 main activities for this week.  The first involved teaching the girls how to recognize signs of choking.  They all learned about choking, gagging, wheezing, throat clutching, looking panicked, passing out, and turning blue.  Since they are a bit small and immature for the Heimlich, their takeaway lesson here was to immediately get a grown-up if they ever see anything mentioned above.  This was cemented, of course, by acting out these behaviors.  You can imagine how that went.ShatnerChoke

After finally getting the silly little girls calmed down, we moved to the next activity: fire safety and the ever-popular Stop, Drop, and Roll.  More hilarity and giggling.

Stella has been pretending to choke ever since.  It may be a bad day in the cafeteria at school.

Be safe out there.safety3


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