Bowl With the Punches

This is one of those wondrous and maddening times of the year.  So much is happening all at once that you have to miss way more events/festivals than you are able to attend.  Every April and October is this way.  Then things come to a screeching halt and everyone is bored and waaaaahhhh there’s nothing to do and, in the case of summer, it’s too damn hot to do anything.

It was almost the weekend that wasn’t.  While lunching with some colleagues on Friday, I received one of those dreaded calls from Stella’s school: she had barfed in the lunchroom.  Then she barfed again while I was trying to wrap up stuff on my desk and leave.  She had an awful afternoon – nausea, fever, chills, and aches.  And of course we have new furniture.  I caught a handful of bile that was headed straight for the love seat.  What was the worst, however, was not having anyone to help in the afternoon when I had to pick up Felix.  Poor Stella had to ride along.  We spent the return trip with her yakking in a bucket while I drove with one hand and held the bucket in the backseat steady with the other.  It was like mom olympics.  Fortunately, she seemed back to herself on Saturday and (knocking furiously on anything wood-like) Felix seems to have been spared.

This weekend we attended an Art in the Park event. It was pretty  nice – loads of live demos and hands-on stuff for the kids.  My favorite part was the cigarette machine turned art machine; rather than packs of smokes, artists fill small boxes with random art.  Felix chose a box which had a rocket in it.  Only it quickly became a boat with a mast and fish and all-around gear-spinner.  That kid.  He has the most wonderful little mind.

Cigarette machine art

Cigarette machine art

Art becoming gear spinner

Art becoming gear spinner

Sunday we met an old friend and her son for bowling and lunch.  Felix does not like bowling, it’s safe to say.  While he didn’t throw himself down screaming when his ball went rolling away this time, he would look at it forlornly and wave goodbye.  He finally quit altogether and said he was “too tired” to bowl.  Luckily my friend’s little boy had brought monster trucks, so the dude was much comforted.

So.  Happy.

So. Happy.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety

For whatever reason, he insisted on bowling with his face.

For whatever reason, he insisted on bowling with his face.

I rounded out the rest of the day hauling bricks in the back yard in preparation for the massive dirt delivery we are expecting.  Of course it’s supposed to rain all damn week.  I also brought my spider plant outside while the kids were in the sprinkler to get some water and extra sun. The plant became Felix’s BFF – a living Precious.  He named it Planty Beethoven, and had wonderful dinner conversation in between hugs and kisses (?) and offers to feed it meatballs and mango.  He had a fit when I finally had to put it back where it goes.  The only reason he’s not still crying today is because I told him the cats would eat Planty Beethoven if we didn’t hang it back up.  My son is very strange.

Felix and his new BFF

Felix and his new BFF

One final bit of news:  I haven’ t caught Felix saying dammit in 3 days.

Have a good Monday, y’all.



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