Detritus Andronicus

As I made my son’s bed this morning, the following things fell out: a beer pull-tab, a Q-tip, a Chuck E Cheese token, 4 round bristle blocks stuck together into a large cylinder, a purple plastic gear, and a wooden peg.  His blanket was also wadded up near his pillow, as it was supposed to be “under the tent” as well.

This illustrates why I’m having such a hard time purging toys and organizing his bedroom.  Stella is easy.  She’s never really played with toys the way most kids do.  Sure, she’ll stuff around with a doll every once in a while.   I even asked her if I could get rid of her Disney Dazzle Slider Castle thing and she was perfectly OK and nonchalant about it.Mainly she enjoys art and playing games on an iPhone/iPad.  I can go into her room every once in a while and do a big sweep and there really are no repercussions.   Like most kids, as long as she doesn’t see you throw away a masterpiece, there is no problem.

Felix is another matter.  There is an endless supply of Preciouses in his life.  And he remembers.  He’s like an elephant.  Just when you think it might be safe to throw together a bag of kitchen toy stuff to donate, he demands that you produce teeny tiny whisk.  And this defies my own sense of order.  If I’m going to purge and donate stuff, I want it to be as complete as possible.  He only really plays with the wheel-shaped bristle blocks, but I can’t get rid of the rest.  What happens if a kid wants to build a bristly car?  In his wooden tool kit, he only really plays with the screws and nuts.  But how can I donate a tool kit without that stuff?  I was ready to donate his ABC spinning/singing toy (I call it the baby Rolodex) when he decided that was Precious and slept with it for 4 nights running.

See?  He only holds the screw.

See? He only holds the screw.

Everything is Precious.  It’s like he can sense when I’m considering removing something from his environment.  So parts of my house are covered in the most random assortment of bits.  I’m not really sure how to remedy this other than box up/throw out a whole bunch of crap and deal with the tears later.  But don’t worry.  I will totally  keep teeny tiny whisk.

And glob help you - or his sister - if you try to touch his water bottle.  It is ALWAYS Precious.

And glob help you – or his sister – if you try to touch his water bottle. It is ALWAYS Precious.


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5 Responses to Detritus Andronicus

  1. Uh, oh, you’ve got a future hoarder on your hands there. I’m that way with my kids too. Let’s get rid of some stuff and my youngest is always gripping tight with everything.

    • larva225 says:

      That thought has occurred to me. But if you watch the show, the hoarding gets worse if you purge their stuff when they’re not looking. I must weigh the risk.

      • Yes, those people get downright belligerant when someone tries to take their stuff. That’s why I have to start telling my wife to change the channel because people like that are the worst. (I’m sure your son will be fine.)

  2. Merbear74 says:

    He’s precious! 🙂

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