Dawn of the Dread

Yesterday both of my children behaved horribly.  It was one of those days that make you question your parenting ability.  Maybe I’m not cut out for this merde?Stella has been having an off-week.  Sometimes that just happens.  It makes me crazy, mainly because I can’t pinpoint why it’s happening.  Other than Tuesday, which was pretty brilliant, her behavior chart has not been stellar.  It’s been crap.  There’s no apparent reason for it.  She’s not sick.  She’s been eating well.  Nothing unusual is happening at home.  She’s been sleeping.  She has just made poor choices this week.

This is a magnet in my office.  It is the perfect visual representation of yesterday.  I'm the little guy, of course.

This is a magnet in my office. It is the perfect visual representation of yesterday. I’m the little guy, of course.

Felix, normally my “good child” – and yes, I hate that kind of terminology….”easier child” is definitely a better term – went to school and came home with not 1 but 2 behavior reports.  There was also one from the end of March that somehow I had missed.  In March he was hitting kids with a 2″ diameter stick.  Yesterday he was Preciousing a tin can full of seashells, becoming absolutely enraged if anyone even tried to look sideways at it.  It resulted in 2 trips to the office.  Really, dude?

Needless to say, my heart was in my toes driving them home from school yesterday.  Then I remembered how awful I felt about Stella being pigeon-holed by these blasted dots and charts.  And I remembered how sweet and charming Felix typically is.  And I recognized that they haven’t been getting enough outside “kids being kids” time.  So while I cooked dinner, I decided to send them to the back yard mud pit behind my house to play.  I made them put on their boots.  Little did I know the dirt pile where our deck used to be had the consistency of quick sand.  Boots quickly became stuck.  Stella began sitting in it.  Felix, being his odd little self, did not and stayed somewhat clean other than his hands and one ear.

Note the boots stuck in the mud behind her.

Note the boots stuck in the mud behind her.

And it got worse....So much worse.

And it got worse….So much worse.

I really didn’t care.  Until it came time to somehow get them inside without absolutely trashing my house.  It was an epic battle.  There was cursing and crying and one time out.  At the time, I can say it wasn’t worth it.  I was just tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  They say it takes a village.  Yesterday I couldn’t find a village.  Not even another villager.

Today, with most of the evidence evaporated, it was worth it.  Both kids slept very hard and long.  I’m hoping they’ve reset and can behave themselves reasonably well while out in the world.  Today is a new day.  Hopefully today will be a better day.

Wit that said, I’m hitching up my big girl panties and I’m off.  I’m going to put Fugazi’s 13 Songs on repeat and try to make these groundwater reports my bitches.




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9 Responses to Dawn of the Dread

  1. Ohmigosh! I don’t know what I love more…the kids playing in the dirt (whee!), the honesty about parenting, or the fact that you listen to Fugazi (love!) while you dominate science. You’re awesome!

    • larva225 says:

      Thank you so much! I don’t often feel awesome. I’m hoping the amazing Japan Box I’m getting- thanks to you- helps.

      • If you’re not feeling awesome, I’ll have to start posting regular awesome reminders. 🙂 (More than just the weekly ones that my dinosaurs do on Instagram!)

        I hope you love, love, love the Japan Crate! It’s all I can do to force myself to behave and not just go snarfing up all the nifty, strange candy. 😀

      • larva225 says:

        I’ll look for you in the IG world!

      • Oh, oh, oh….I have a question for you! (Then I’ll stop hogging up your comment space, I promise.) Does the 225 in your user name have anything to do with New Model Army? If it does, you’re my brand new sparkly hero. 🙂 (If it doesn’t, of course you’re still sparkly and fantastic.) 😀

      • larva225 says:

        Actually I didn’t think of that when I chose it, but that would have been fantastic if I had!!!

  2. NickyB. says:

    Those types of days/weeks really get on my nerves! Ugh. Hope next week is better.

  3. Anxious Mom says:

    Ugh I hope next week is better! Here’s to a glass or 10 of wine over the weekend.

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