Symphony For the Devil

One thing I’m sort of proud about is trying to do different things with my kids.  I don’t want every week/weekend to be watching the same TV shows, playing at the same playground, or eating the same foods, whether that be at home or in restaurants.

Remember that awesome Countries of the World binder project I started and have let lapse (dammit)?  Each week or two, I would pick a country and put together age-appropriate fact sheets for the kids with photos, including stuff like flags, what the country is known for, and examples of their art.  I would make YouTube playlists of music and native dancing (where appropriate).  Then we’d find the country on our giant inflatable globe – which the kids have since popped.  Whenever I could, I’d add other extras; we’d try some food, I’d show them coins, and we’d smell perfume (France, duh).  We’d even try a few lines of language.  I really  like this idea.  It fell by the wayside with the drama of surviving kindergarten, but I want to pick it back up.  Hell, I even did one on Pakistan that I never got to use when prepping for a Daisy Scout meeting, in which the Nobel laureate Malala was going to be featured.  Did you know in Pakistan truck art is a thing?  I didn’t either.

I digress. Sorry.  The point is, while I want my kids to love outdoorsy stuff – swimming, camping, fishing, boating – I also want them to have a bit of world knowledge.  I don’t want them to think that Olive Garden = Italy, or that Mongolian beef = Chinese cuisine.

This is also why I’m so delighted that my son loves Beethoven.  This is why I took a leap of faith and shelled out quite a bit of money to take my kids to a Disney Pixar event put on by our city’s symphony orchestra.  It was a family event, so I knew kids were the target audience.  My kids would be familiar with much of the music.

We took a break from listening to Prince to try out the Violent Femmes.  I had to be very careful with my censoring during Add It Up.

We took a break from listening to Prince to try out the Violent Femmes. I had to be very careful with my censoring during Add It Up.

The Dude with the stage waaaaaay down behind him.

The Dude with the stage waaaaaay down behind him.

It went OK.  I was disappointed in our seats, as we were so high up you couldn’t really see the musicians.  I think the kids ended up watching the big screen with movie clips most of the time.  It was also a lot – 2 one hour sessions with a brief intermission.  Felix loved it, regardless, and sat like a tiny king in his big theater chair, dancing.  Stella was coming unglued by the end.  But I’m so glad we did it.  I will definitely watch the schedules, and if there is ever a Beethoven concert, I’ll take Felix (or Will can), and we’ll do something a bit different with Stella.

Stella's favorite part was meeting Woody and getting a free balloon.

Stella’s favorite part was meeting Woody and getting a free balloon.

Sunday was radically different.  Will works for our city’s park service, and they do an annual soft opening for the big water park, reserved only for employees and their families.  Stella is fearless.  She was just tall enough to go on 2 of the big slides, and wanted to go down a third (request denied, as it spits you into an 8′ deep pool).  Felix?  Not so much.  He had a good time, but only because they had “Donuts” there.  He was quite content to carry around his donut, wade a bit, dance to the music, and then sit back down with Donut on a bench.  Unfortunately, he and Donut tipped forward and he kabonked the hell out of his forehead on the cement.  It was so alarming I even emailed his school, letting them know he’d look like a crash test dummy today.

Felix and Donut, pre bonk.

Felix and Donut, pre bonk.

Of course he hoarded everyone's milkshakes when they weren't looking.

Of course he hoarded everyone’s milkshakes when they weren’t looking.

The water park wore them out.  I could only let them sleep about 15 minutes since it was so late in the day.

The water park wore them out. I could only let them sleep about 15 minutes since it was so late in the day.

The day ended with a trip to Sonic, an impromptu nap, dinner, baths, and Game of Thrones.  This week looks to be as busy.  Stay tuned…You know, if you want to.


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10 Responses to Symphony For the Devil

  1. Cookie says:

    Olive Garden may not =Italy, but it is delicious and helps pay my bills lol. I’ve kept my bartending job there since i was a student. Don’t be hating!!
    And yes to everything else. I like to give my kids a chance to explore all the things. It’s exhausting and fun at the same time. And I figure I gotta enjoy it while I can, since Destroyer starts school in the fall.

    • larva225 says:

      Oh, I have no hate whatsoever for the Olive. But as delicious as those breadsticks are, and as much as that damn salad dressing resembles ambrosia, those things don’t make Italy. (I’m begging you to tell me what’s in that fucking salad dressing!!!)

      • Cookie says:

        Lol….the iron is that we have a culinary institute in Tuscany on a vineyard where they develop new wines and recipes…supposedly.
        Just buy a bottle of a retail dressing next time you’re there, the ingredients are all listed!

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    I love how you think. I need to make an effort (“an” effort, not more of one hehe) to make my kids more cultured and stuff. Maybe something would stick with me, too.

  3. That’s cool that your husband gets you early entrance into the waterslide park. We have one here and we like to get a summer membership, but with the weather being so spotty here even in the summer, it’s hard to justify when we would have to go 9 times to make it worth it. But it was nice to get out more last summer, so we’ll probably do it again.

    • larva225 says:

      I loathe people/crowds so that the only time we actually go. For now. I’m sure the kids will mutiny soon.

      • I loathe people and crowds too, as does my wife, which is why we were both looking at each other the other day when we went to Costco. We were like “Why did we come here again?” Anyways, it must have been pretty sucky to go to the Disney thing with all those screaming kids too.

      • larva225 says:

        It actually wasn’t bad. And I’d brave a crowd for CostCo, surely one of the most magical places on earth. I love it so that my husband tried to ban me from speaking of it. I now call it Voldemart.

      • The store which shall not be named. I think you just need to tell him that if it weren’t for Costco you wouldn’t have toilet paper and see if he lets you speak of it again.

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