And Then There Was Won

One day of school left.  I feel like Andy Dufresne coming out of the sewer pipes of Shawshank.  We have been delivered.

That being said, while I  am celebrating the end of this year,  I am also immensely grateful that there wasn’t a “graduation” ceremony.  I hate graduations. I didn’t want to go to my own.  The only thing worse than graduations are funerals and probably open-heart surgery.  Who was the dolt who said “How can we reward scholarly-type people for sticking to the program and supposedly becoming experts on some random shit?  Oh! I know!  Let’s cram them together in the most uncomfortable seating we can get our hands on, make them wear the stuffiest robes made of non-breathable fabric we can find, put a rigid square on top of their heads, and then force them to listen to the most boring speakers in the northern hemisphere!”?  And I want the identity of the bigger dolt who decided that high school and university graduations weren’t enough, that families should be forced to participate in “graduations” at the end of kindergarten, elementary, and middle school?

That all probably makes me sound like an asshole.  But as much as I love my children, I hate that kind of merde.

There was an “awards ceremony” honoring kindergarten and first grade students yesterday.  I didn’t go, as what’s the point?  The Harpy certainly is not going to recognize Stella for anything positive.  It turns out, each kid was called down and given a certificate.  So I missed that.  Fortunately my Daisy Scout co-leader was there and grabbed some pics for me.  So that’s a win!  Not only did I dodge a boring ass ceremony/graduation-type thing, I got cute pics to boot.What are your thoughts on graduations?


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5 Responses to And Then There Was Won

  1. no more harpy – reason to celebrate!

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Ugh, hate graduations. We didn’t do all that when I was a kid, so I only had high school, and I skipped college graduation. Three hours to get a slip of paper? Nah. LM’s school didn’t have kindergarten graduation, whew.

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